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Shadowland: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man gets tangled up with Shang-Chi and Mister Negative in the Shadowland this fall

By Jim Beard

This October, everyone's favorite wall-crawler finds himself fighting the good fight amidst the Shadowland event in SHADOWLAND: SPIDER-MAN, spun out by writer Dan Slott. We asked Tom Brennan, assistant editor of the Spider-Man titles, to give us the low-down on this shadowy story and how Spidey gets involved.

"In SHADOWLAND #1, [Spider-Man is] one of the first witnesses to Daredevil's vision of New York City," he notes. "Daredevil's waging a battle for the soul of New York, a soul that Spider-Man represents better than most. Add on the close relationship Spidey has with Daredevil, and it's inevitable that he would get involved. New York is his home and he won't give it up without a fight.

"When the heroes are first assembled by Master Izo to decide what to do about Daredevil, Spidey decides to check in on the streets of Chinatown, where Mister Negative and his Inner Demons are moving in on the Hand's

territory-but Spidey's not going alone."

That's right, our hero pulls in some handy help on this case. In fact, the Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu themselves: Shang-Chi.

"In spite of being incredibly different types of heroes, Shang-Chi and Spider-Man have a huge amount of respect for each other," says Brennan. "They don't know each other well, but Shang-Chi expresses his admiration for Spider-Man at the outset of the story. They're very different types of cats; Shang-Chi is a serious, quiet fighter and Spidey's our favorite wise cracking wall-crawler. Still, Shang-Chi discovers he can learn a thing or two in resilience from Spider-Man when they go toe-to-toe with Mister Negative and his
Inner Demons."

Mister Negative, well-known to readers of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, represents the perfect foil for our heroes in SHADOWLAND: SPIDER-MAN, being a villain who works in mysterious ways and prefers the shadows to the light.

Mister Negative
"Mister Negative's been making a play for power over New York's underworld since he first entered the scene back in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #546," Brennan explains. "With Daredevil inflicting martial law on New York City, it puts a major crimp in Mister Negative's plans. When he and his Inner Demons take on the Hand to protect their turf, the battle spills into the streets and endangers the lives of the innocent."

And when innocents face danger, Spider-Man's there, facing it head-on. One can imagine the web-slinger more than a little disturbed over his beloved city's latest crisis.

"He's genuinely torn," admits Brennan. "His hometown is under siege from a terrible force, but leading this evil force is a close ally in Daredevil. Spider-Man is a hero and he's taking his responsibility to protect his city seriously. It's taking a huge emotional toll."


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