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Shadowland: Elektra's Moves

Daredevil's former lover enters the fray in SHADOWLAND: ELEKTRA

By Marc Strom

Elektra has a few words for Daredevil.

The former Hand assassin makes her presence known in Matt Murdock's corner of New York City in SHADOWLAND: ELEKTRA #1, a one-shot hitting in September from writer Zeb Wells and artist Emma Rios. But as for whose side she'll land on once she enters the Shadowland, editor Stephen Wacker says fans shouldn't jump to any quick conclusions.

"I wouldn't assume she has [joined Daredevil]," he notes. "Going back to Frank Miller's work when he created her, Elektra has always followed her own violent breeze and I wouldn't think that her actions in Shadowland will prove any different."

Elektra, who has a long and twisted history with the Hand, has mixed feelings about Daredevil's leadership of that group in recent months.          

"Elektra has a deep and abiding interest [in the Hand] but it's somewhat punctured by her feelings for Matt that have run the gamut from love to death over the years," says Wacker. "What Zeb and Emma are going to explore in their one-shot are the ways those two paths collide and the scars that are left as a result."

As Wacker hints, Elektra and Daredevil have a long history of their own, though where they stand at the moment remains somewhat ambiguous.

"[Their relationship is] mixed-up and volatile," describes the editor. "She's watched him go through so much the last few years and I think she fights the feelings from the past bubbling up. On the other hand, she has her own life and her own path to follow."

Wacker remains mum on just what type of threats Elektra will have to contend with in her one-shot, but says that fans will get a hint sooner rather than later.

"That I have to keep to myself, but you'll see glimpses of Elektra in the SHADOWLAND [limited series] as well that will give you clues," he teases.

For SHADOWLAND: ELEKTRA, Wacker feels he's assembled the perfect creative team, one that will leave readers wanting more.

"Just after seeing Zeb and Emma's work on this one-shot you will be begging me for an ongoing."


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Jesus Christ there are a heckuva lotta one-shots and mini-series' for this. Should be EPIC.