HEROES FOR HIRE #12 and IRON MAN #20 Bring You Behind the Lines of WWH



While the Green Goliath wreaks havoc in Manhattan, there's plenty going on behind the scenes and we've got the first look. In HEROES FOR HIRE #11, Humbug stumbled into a nest of Miek and Brood's hatchlings onboard the Warbound ship. Now in issue #12, Humbug and the other Heroes for Hire infiltrate the spacecraft and make a shocking discovery. Could members of Hulk's Warbound have something other than destruction in mind for Earth? Where will Humbug's loyalties lie when he squares off against the insects? And what other dangers lie in wait for the Heroes for Hire? Meanwhile, after his epic battle with the Hulk in IRON MAN #19, the armored Avenger is still missing in action and S.H.I.E.L.D. is sent into a tailspin. Left to pick up the slack in IRON MAN #20, 'Dum Dum' Dugan is ready to take charge. Unhappy with the way Tony Stark's been running S.H.I.E.L.D., will he take matters into his own hands and deal with the Hulk his own way? HEROES FOR HIRE #12 Written by ZEB WELLS & FRED VAN LENTE Penciled by CLAY MANN Cover by TAKESHI MIYAZAWA 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99 IRON MAN #20 Written by CHRISTOS GAGE Penciled by BUTCH GUICE Cover by GERALD PAREL 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

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