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Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Read 400 Completed Series NOW!

Dive into the 400 completed series available now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

Need something to do this winter? Read lots of comics!

Here's a list of 400 completed series available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited now! Spend your days plowing through both classic and recent storylines featuring your favorite Marvel heroes and villains from start to finish. What? 400 isn't enough? Good thing we're adding more and more complete series, so check back as we add more titles to the list right here! You asked for it, and we gave it to you. So what are you waiting for? Read! Discover! Enjoy!

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1602 (2003)
Agents of Atlas (2006)
Alpha Flight (2004)
Amazing Adult Fantasy (1961)
Amazing Adventures (1961)
Amazing Fantasy (2004)
Amazing X-Men (1995)
American Dream (2008)
Angel: Revelations (2008)
Annihilation (2006)
Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord (2007)
Annihilation: Conquest (2007)
Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus (2006)
Annihilation: Nova (2006)
Annihilation: Ronan (2006)
Annihilation: Silver Surfer (2006)
Annihilation: Super Skrull (2006)
Ares (2006)
Astonishing Tales: Dominic Fortune (2009)
Astonishing Tales: Iron Man 2020 (2009)
Astonishing Tales: Mojoworld (2008)
Astonishing Tales: Wolverine/Punisher (2008)
Astonishing X-Men (1995)
Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! (2006)
Avengers Fairy Tales (2008)
Avengers Forever (1998)
Avengers Icon: Vision (2002)
Avengers Next (2006)
Avengers/Invaders (2008)
Avengers/Thunderbolts (2004)
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2004)
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II (2006)
Balder the Brave (1985)
Beyond (2006)
Big Hero Six (2008)
Black Panther (2005)
Black Widow (1999)
Black Widow (2004)
Black Widow: Breakdown (2001)
Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her (2005)
Blade (2006)
Blink (2001)
Books of Doom (2005)
Bullet Points (2006)
Bullseye: Greatest Hits (2004)
Cable and Deadpool (2004)
Cable: Blood and Metal (1992)
Captain America (2002)
Captain America and the Falcon (2004)
Captain America: The Chosen (2007)
Captain America: What Price Glory (2003)
Captain Marvel (2002)
Captain Marvel (2007)
Captain Universe (2005)
Champions (1975)
Civil War
Civil War: Front Line
Civil War: X-Men
Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways
ClanDestine (2008)
Claws (2006)
Daredevil Vs. Punisher (2005)
Daredevil: Father (2004)
Daredevil: Redemption (2005)

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (1993)
Daredevil: Yellow (2001)
Dark Reign: M.O.D.O.K. (2009)
Dark Reign: Made Men (2009)
Darkdevil (2000)
Daughters of the Dragon (2006)
Deadline (2002)
Deadpool (1993)
Deadpool (1994)
Defenders (2005)
District X (2004)
Doc Samson (2006)
Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure (2003)
Domino (2003)
Doom (2000)
Doom: The Emperor Returns (2001)
Dr. Strange: The Oath (2006)
Drax the Destroyer (2005)
Earth X (1999)
Elektra: The Hand (2004)
Emma Frost (2003)
Eternals (1976)
Eternals (2006)
Excalibur (2004)
Factor X (1995)
Fantastic Five (1999)
Fantastic Four and Power Pack (2007)
Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan (2005)
Fantastic Four: First Family (2006)
Fantastic Four: Foes (2006)
Fantastic Four: House of M (2005)
Fantastic Four: The End (2006)
Fantastic Four: True Story (2008)
Fantastic Four:1234 (2001)
Fin Fang Four
Firestar (1986)
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2005)
G.L.A. (2005)
Galacta: Daughter of Galactus (2010)
Gambit (2004)
Gambit and the X-Ternals (1995)
Generation M (2005)
Generation Next (1995)
GeNext (2008)
Ghost Rider (2001)
Ghost Rider (2005)
Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears (2007)
Gravity (2005)
Guardians (2004)
Havoc and Wolverine: Meltdown (1988)
Hawkeye (2003)
Hercules (2005)
Heroes for Hire (2006)
House of M (2005)
House of M: Avengers (2007)
Hulk and Power Pack (2007)
Hulk and Thing: Hard Knocks (2004)
Hulk Smash (2001)
Hulk/Wolverine: 6 Hours (2003)
Hulk: Destruction (2005)
Hulk: Grey (2004)
Hulk: Nightmerica (2003)
Human Torch (2003)
I Heart Marvel (2006)
Identity Disk (2004)
Incredible Hulk: The Fury Files (2008)
Infinity Abyss (2002)
Infinity Gauntlet (1991)
Infinity War (1992)
Inhumans (2000)
Inhumans (2003)
Iron Fist (2004)
Iron Man (2004)
Iron Man and Power Pack (2007)
Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2007)
Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin
Iron Man: Fast Friends
Iron Man: House of M (2005)
Iron Man: Hypervelocity
Iron Man: Inevitable (2005)
Iron Man: Legacy of Doom (2008)
Irredeemable Ant-Man (2006)
Jubilee (2004)
Kid Colt (2009)
Killraven (2002)
Kingpin (2003)
Kitty Pryde and Wolverine (1984)
Last Hero Standing (2005)
Last Planet Standing (2006)
Livewires (2006)
Logan (2008)
Loki (2004)
Longshot (1985)
Machine Teen (2005)
Madrox (2004)
Magik (1983)
Magneto Rex (1999)
Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four (2006)
Marvel 1602: New World (2005)
Marvel 1985 (2008)
Marvel Adventures Incredible Hulk (2007)
Marvel Adventures Iron Man (2007)
Marvel Age Fantastic Four (2004)
Marvel Age Hulk (2004)
Marvel Age Spider-Man (2004)
Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up (2000)
Marvel Apes (2008)
Marvel Apes Digital (2009)
Marvel Boy (1950)
Marvel Boy (2000)
Marvel Comics Presents (2007)
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans (2007)
Marvel Illustrated: Man in the Iron Mask (2007)
Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick (2007)
Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Gray (2007)
Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island (2007)
Marvel Knights (2000)
Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (2004)
Marvel Romance Redux (2006)
Marvel Team-Up (2004)
Marvel Universe: The End (2003)
Marvel Zombies (2005)
Marvel Zombies 2 (2007)
Mary Jane (2004)
Mary Jane: Homecoming (2005)
Maximum Security (2000)
Mega Morphs (2005)
Mutopia X (2005)
Mystic Arcana (2007)
Mystique (2003)
Namor (2003)
New Avengers Annual (2006)
New Avengers: Illuminati (2006)
New Excalibur (2004)
New Invaders (2004)
New Mangaverse (2006)
New Mutants (2003)
New Thunderbolts (2004)
New Warriors (2005)
New X-Men (2001)
New X-Men (2004)
New X-Men: Hellions (2005)
NewUniversal (2006)
NextWave: Agents of H.A.T.E (2006)
Nick Fury's Howling Commandos (2005)
Nightcrawler (2004)
Nyx (2003)
Omega Flight (2007)
Omega the Unknown (1976)
Omega: The Unknown (2007)
Onslaught Reborn (2006)
Origin (2001)
Ororo: Before the Storm (2005)
Patsy Walker: Hellcat (2008)
Penance: Relentless (2007)
Power Pack (2005)
Power Pack: Day One (2008)
Punisher (1986)
Punisher Vs. Bullseye (2005)
Punisher War Journal (2006)
Rocket Raccoon (1985)
Rogue (2004)
Runaways (2005)
Runaways (2003)
Sable & Fortune (2006)
Sabretooth (2004)
Secret Invasion: Home Invasion (2008)
Secret Invasion: Inhumans (2008)
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers (2008)
Secret Invasion: Spider-Man - Brand New Day (2008)
Secret Invasion: Thor (2008)
Secret Invasion: X-Men (2008)
Secret War (2004)
Secret Wars (1984)
Sensational Spider-Man (2006)
Sentinel (2003)
Sentinel (2006)
Sentinel Squad O*N*E (2006)
Sentry (2000)
Sentry (2005)
Shanna the She Devil (2005)
Shanna the She Devil: Survival of the Fittest (2007)
She-Hulk (2004)
Silent War (2007)
Silver Surfer (1968)
Silver Surfer (2003)
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name (2007)
Silver Surfer: Requiem (2007)
Skrull Kill Krew (1995)
Skrulls Vs. Power Pack (2008)
Son of M (2005)
Spectacular Spider-Man (2003)
Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine (1968)
Spellbinders (2005)
Spider Man Fairy Tales (2007)
Spider-Girl (1998)
Spider-Man and Power Pack (2006)
Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four (2007)
Spider-Man and Wolverine (2003)
Spider-Man Family (2007)
Spider-Man J: Japanese Knights

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2005)
Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do (2002)
Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Out of Reach (2004)
Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Year 1 (2004)
Spider-Man/Human Torch (2005)
Spider-Man: Blue (2002)
Spider-Man: Breakout (2005)
Spider-Man: Death and Destiny (2000)
Spider-Man: House of M (2005)
Spider-Man: India (2002)
Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan (2002)
Spider-Man: Quality of Life (2002)
Spider-Man: Reign (2006)
Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin (2000)
Spider-Man: With Great Power... (2008)
Spider-Man's Tangled Web
Spider-Woman: Origins (2005)
Squadron Supreme (1985)
Squadron Supreme: Hyeprion Vs. Nighthawk
Stoker's Dracula (2004)
Storm (2006)
Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill (2005)
Strange (2004)
Super Villain Team Up: M.O.D.O.K.'s 11 (2007)
Tails of the Pet Avengers
Tales of the Thing (2005)
Thanos (2003)
Thanos Quest (1990)
The Black Knight
The Last Avenger Story (1995)
The Last Defenders (2008)
The Loners (2007)
The Marvels Channel: Monsters, Myths, and Marvels
The Order (2007)
The Pulse (2004)
The Thing (2005)
Thing: Freakshow (2002)
Thor: Blood Oath (2005)
Thor: Son of Asgard (2004)
Thunderbolts Present: Zemo -- Born Better (2007)
Toxin (2005)
True Believers (2008)
Truth: Red, White and Black (2003)
Ultimate Adventures (2002)
Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra (2002)
Ultimate Elektra (2004)
Ultimate Extinction (2006)
Ultimate Human (2008)
Ultimate Iron Man (2005)
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up (2001)
Ultimate Nightmare (200
Ultimate Secret (2005)
Ultimate Six (2003)
Ultimate War (2003)

Ultimates (2002)
Ultimates 2 (2004)
Union Jack (1998)
Union Jack (2004)
Universe X (2000)

Venom (2003)
Venom Vs. Carnage (2004)
Venom: Dark Origin
Venom: Lethal Protector (1993)
Vision & The Scarlet Witch (1982)

War of Kings: Warriors - Blastaar
War of Kings: Warriors - Crystal
War of Kings: Warriors- Gladiator
War of Kings: Warriors- Lilandra
Warlock (2004)
Weapon X (1995)

Weapon X (2002)
Weapon X: Days of Future Now (2005)
Weapon X: First Class (2008)
White Tiger (2006)
Wild Thing (1999)
Witches (2004)
Wolverine (2003)
Wolverine & Gambit: Victims (1995)
Wolverine (1982)
Wolverine Vs. Thor
Wolverine/Captain America (2004)
Wolverine/Punisher (2004)
Wolverine: Agent of Atlas
Wolverine: Snikt! (2002)
Wolverine: Soultaker (2005)
Wolverine: The End (2003)
Wolverine:Xisle (2003)
Wonder Man (2006)
World War Hulk
World War Hulk: Front Line (2007)
World War Hulk: Gamma Corps (2007)
World War Hulk: X-Men
X-23 (2005)
X-23: Target X (2006)
X-Calibre (1995)
X-Force (2004)

X-Force: Shatterstar (2005)
X-Men and Power Pack (2005)
X-Men Chronicles (1995)
X-Men Fairy Tales (2006)
X-Men/Fantastic Four (2004)
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (2005)
X-Men: Apocalypse/Dracula (2006)
X-Men: Children of the Atom (1999)
X-Men: ClanDestine (1996)
X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline (2005)
X-Men: Deadly Genesis (2005)
X-Men: Die By the Sword (2007)
X-Men: Divided We Stand (2008)
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan (2007)
X-Men: Evolution (2001)
X-Men: First Class (2006)
X-Men: First Class (2007)
X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow and Flame (2005)
X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong (2005)
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong (2006)
X-Men: Ronin (2003)
X-Men: The 198 (2006)
X-Men: The End - Heroes and Martyrs (2005)
X-Men: The End - Men and X-Men (2006)
X-Men: The End: - Dreamers and Demons (2004)
X-Men: The Search For Cyclops (2000)
X-Statix (2002)
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl (2006)
X-Treme X-Men - Mekanix (2001)
X-Treme X-Men (2001)
X-Treme X-Men: The Savage Land (2001)
X-Universe (1995)
Young Avengers (2006)
Young Avengers Presents (2008)


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You know they forgot one famous British TV show comic book series the 1980's Doctor Who comic book series. 

-Immortus- member

I get page not found on all these links, can these be updated please?

Zappo1980 member

Several of these are not actually complete. The Earth-X series all seem to miss the final issue, for example.


Old Man Logan Giant Size #1 should be up within a month.


I agree with complete the series. I was reading my kid the "Red Hulk" (ok - not the best for a kid, but he likes him.) and it is not complete. This was our first intro. we switch to Hulk World War and already found missing associated stories (Invincible Iron Man - World War Hulk is missing)


Old man Logan giant sized plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Walls member

Please add Wolverine: Old man Logan giant sized. I want to know how it ends.


dear Marvel comics. I love that you can blow your own horn on having a large complete set of comics, but you need to check them again. I would like to help report any missing comics. Is there a way of doing this please?

rprice member

Wow. Marvel is amazing and always seems to stay ahead of the game!


Great that they're finally doing this!! Instead of uploading new uncompleted series, why not finish the ones they currently have!


Fix Mighty Avengers #6! Other than that, MDCU is awesome.

tstriker26 member

Don't believe everything you read. I can't speak to most of these, but I know that they didn't upload the entire "Astonishing X-Men" series. They left out the final chapter of its initial run- "Giant-Sized Astonishing X-Men." This is something I've been waiting for, and I notified Marvel months ago.

mknight76 member

This is a great list. I am very happy to see Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited focusing on digitizing full sets. Please keep it up!


Rockin' was so tired of readin stuff and then discovering gaps (amazing spider man 100 issues THEN a gap grrr). now i know they are all there before starting them.


suck's that you have to pay to read the whole thing -.-, other than that its cool ^^^^


Very impressive.Keep them coming......


@Zappo1980 I bet you could find the issue if you look. I have recently started reading Avengers Children's Crusade. One of the issues is under a different year. No big deal dude. 


@InvisibleKitty you should be able to read the second coming. This event did not Hagerstown title. It was actually a cross over. Find the reading sequence, then read all the titles. A lot of Hope's back story is in a Cable run that leads right into Second coming. Excuse me if I am wrong. Just trying to help.