Spider-Man/Red Sonja: A Sneek Peak



Dynamite Entertainment and Marvel Comics have released images and information concerning the first issue of the upcoming SPIDER-MAN/RED SONJA limited series. Scheduled for an August release, the crossover event marks the first time the characters have teamed up since the now classic MARVEL TEAM-UP #79 (Marvel, 1979) by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Set as a five-issue event limited series, the Spider-Man/Red Sonja crossover features Sonja's "Dynamite" creative team of writer Michael Avon Oeming, artist Mel Rubi and colorist Brian Buccellato. Covers for the series will be provided by none other than artist extraordinaire, Michael Turner. Following in the very successful footsteps of the MARVEL ZOMBIES VS. ARMY OF DARKNESS crossover limited series (the first Dynamite/Marvel crossover), SPIDER-MAN/RED SONJA presents an in-continuity plot that fits seamlessly into to both universes. This is the "must have" team-up of the year for Spider-Man and Red Sonja fans alike, as Marvel's Wall-Crawler and Dynamite's She-Devil with a Sword team up to battle the combined villainy of Kulan Gath and Venom! Dynamite's Nick Barrucci stated, "Seeing Red Sonja team up with Spidey again is simply classic. Not only do we get to build on existing Spider-Man/Sonja continuity, we get to set up a great story for a new generation of fans! Michael Avon Oeming, Mel Rubi and Brian Buccellato have designed the ultimate Spider-Man/Red Sonja tale with a story that fits perfectly into both universes. And the covers by Michael Turner--could you ask for anything more?! We're so proud of this "marvelous" crossover, that we wanted to show some of the "dynamite" interior pages to fans and retailers, as well as Michael Turner's dynamite covers to issue #1 and #2!" Says Marvel's President & Publisher Dan Buckley, "It's great that we have the chance to revisit such a fun and fondly remembered moment of Marvel & Red Sonja's history! We think the fans will agree when they see the stunning art and read the story that fits perfectly into both characters' continuities!" SPIDER-MAN/RED SONJA #1 (JUN072132)- Written by MICHAEL AVON OEMING Penciled by MEL RUBI Cover by MICHAEL TURNER The wise-cracking Wall-Crawler collides with the She-Devil with a Sword! Longtime Marvel readers know that these two legends have met before -- but that was just the warm-up! They may be from two different eras, but Spider-Man and Red Sonja have both faced the maniacal mage known as Kulan Gath. Now the sadistic sorcerer makes a play for power that will once again bring these two famous heroes together -- but will it be as friends or foes? Writer Michael Avon Oeming (OMEGA FLIGHT, Red Sonja) and Mel Rubi (Red Sonja) – plus series cover artist Michael Turner (CIVIL WAR) – answer the eternal question: What's better in a fight, the proportional strength and speed of a spider, or cold, hard steel and a chain–mail bikini? RED SONJA TM & © 2007 RED SONJA LLC. DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT TM & © 2007 DFI. www.dynamiteentertainment.com small

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