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Deadpool: Fighting Wade Wilson's War

Writer Duane Swierczynski delves into the Merc With a Mouth's origins in DEADPOOL: WADE WILSON'S WAR

DEADPOOL: WADE WILSON'S WAR #1 preview art by Jason Pearson

By Marc Strom

Before Deadpool became the fast-talking Merc With a Mouth we all know and love, he lived a simple life as a man named Wade Wilson.

Although "simple" should perhaps be read as a relative term, as writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Jason Pearson will reveal just what sort of trouble Wilson got up way back when in DEADPOOL: WADE WILSON'S WAR #1 on June 9.

According to Swierczynski, however, getting the straight story on Deadpool's past proves a little difficult.

"You know when writers say, 'It was like the character was just speaking to me?' Usually, those writers are full of crap." he says. "But in the case of Deadpool, he really does speak to you. A lot. With more than once voice. Problem is he's a seriously unreliable narrator. Sure, he can tell you all about the past, but would you believe him? Or is he hiding kernels of truth somewhere in all of that insanity? I'd love to see Wade Wilson and Verbal Kint [from "The Usual Suspects"] locked in the same room for an hour, just to see who could make whose mind melt first."

Though Wilson's past will play a role in this story, Swierczynski points out that it will also focus on another unusual aspect of Deadpool's character:

"Actually, this story's not as much about Wade's back story as you might think," explains the writer. "I'm doing that in X-MEN ORIGINS: DEADPOOL #1, available at finer comic shops everywhere this July! I've always been

DEADPOOL: WADE WILSON'S WAR #1 preview art by Jason Pearson
fascinated by the idea that Deadpool-crazy as he is-seems to be the only Marvel Universe character who realizes he's in a comic book. That's a facet we explore in WADE WILSON'S WAR."

At its core, Swierczynski feels that his series is "not so much about Wade Wilson Then vs Wade Wilson Now. It's more about Which Wade Wilson is Real?"

However, Swierczynski has still gone back and done his research, revealing a master plan that has been in the works for years.

"If you go back to [writer] Joe Kelly's run [on DEADPOOL], and take the third letter from every word in every piece of Deadpool dialogue, it spells out the entire plot of WADE WILSON'S WAR," he quips. "And you thought Bendis really planned things in advance."

Swierczynski hopes to get beneath Deadpool's witty and talkative exterior, all while keeping readers amused.

"In addition to be being one of the only self-aware comic book characters, Deadpool seems to be forever reeling from an amazing amount of pain and betrayal," reflects the writer. "In this limited series, Jason Pearson and I dig around the edges of those still-tender wounds for your

DEADPOOL: WADE WILSON'S WAR #1 preview art by Jason Pearson

Beyond Deadpool, the series will also feature other mercenaries and assassins such as Domino, Bullseye and Silver Sable, in what Swierczynski describes as "supporting" roles.

"But then again, keep in mind that there might be two Dominos, two Bullseyes-Bullseyeses?-and two Silver Sables," he teases.

In the end, Swierczynski advises fans to "just buy the ticket and enjoy the ride. And as Friedrich Nietzsche once said, 'Be careful if you gaze into the 'Pool, because the 'Pool might also gaze into you...'"


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      You're so in denial.


      Nice quote at the end. This might be what Deadpool fans have been waiting for.


      nice but i hope deadpool hasn't forgot about wat bulsseye did in dark riegh


      this guy makes Bullseye look truly insane!!!