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Meet the Young Allies

Meet the Young Allies: Gravity

Sean McKeever returns to the hero he created and adds some new weight to the Young Allies

By Kevin Mahadeo

On June 9, the next generation of Marvel champions comes together to commemorate the Heroic Age in YOUNG ALLIES #1 by Sean McKeever and David Baldeon! Over the next four weeks, Marvel.com will spotlight a quartet of characters who will in part comprise the Allies, with commentary from McKeever as well as key reading on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. So sit back, read up and join the Young Allies!


After spending nearly a year with the Great Lakes Avengers in his hometown of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the college-age hero Gravity knew

exactly what he needed to do upon the repealing of the 50 State Initiative following the events of SIEGE: get the heck out of there as fast as possible.

This June, Gravity joins YOUNG ALLIES, an all-new ongoing series by writer Sean McKeever and artist David Baldeon bringing together some of the teenaged avengers of the Marvel Universe. McKeever continues threads from his work in both the NOMAD: GIRL WITHOUT A WORLD limited series and FIRESTAR one-shot, both of which set the stage for those two characters, as well as the spider-based hero Arana joining the team. For the lead up story on Gravity, McKeever points to the second issue of AGE OF HEROES.

"We'll show in AGE OF HEROES #2 that Greg [Willis aka Gravity] would have decided to pack up his bags and go back to Manhattan and attend NYU again, even though he's not really sure what he's going to major in or what the future holds," says the writer. "He's sort of starting back at square one where he was in GRAVITY #1-except at this point he's died and come back from the dead, has been protector of the universe and has been a team leader. So, he's definitely more experienced, but he's still the Gravity we all know and love."

Gravity originally started in his own limited series by McKeever and artist Mike Norton as part of the Marvel Next imprint. Upon its conclusion, he went on to feature in a number of other series including MARVEL TEAM-UP and BEYOND! Although the character ended up dying and returning as a

successor to Quasar in FANTASTIC FOUR, he still faces his toughest challenge yet in YOUNG ALLIES: figuring out what he should study now that he's back in college.

"Sometimes it's the little things like that, that are the hardest," laughs McKeever. "You get all the power in the world, but what are going to do with the rest of your life?"

McKeever acknowledges Greg as one of the more grounded members of the team, and not because of his gravity-based powers. The writer says that he uses the youngster as a lens for the audience through which to view the Marvel Universe. In fact, out of the five members, Gravity holds the most relatively normal life, with his own set of non-powered friends and even a girlfriend, Lauren Singh. And like with the other characters in the title, McKeever said he'd like to feature Greg's supporting cast whenever possible.

"You'll be seeing them again," he hints. "In fact, in the first issue, we see Greg with his circle of friends. Dependent on the kind of room we have in the book, I'd like to have them around in the NYU side of the equation. We'll see going forward."

But what exactly happened during Gravity's time with the Great Lakes Avengers back in Sheboygan? Surely it couldn't have been that bad an

experience. Will readers get to see that tale or even see a GLA reunion in the coming series?

"That's a story we all get to write in our heads," jokes McKeever. "Maybe they'll come to New York and visit."


GRAVITY #1: Greg Willis embarks on his super heroic career as Gravity

BEYOND! #1: Gravity accompanies a rag tag band of heroes on an outer space adventure

FANTASTIC FOUR #545: Thought lost in the cosmos, Gravity returns

AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #19: Gravity leads the Heavy Hitters into Secret Invasion


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