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Spider-Man: Origin of the Species

Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta turn Spidey's world upside down in a new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN epic coming this fall

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN black and white preview art by Paul Azaceta
By Marc Strom

Peter Parker's seen better days-and that's really saying something.

After finding himself the target of a "Grim Hunt" and enduring an emotional "One Moment in Time," he'll have to discover the "Origin of the Species" beginning in September with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #542-547, courtesy of writer Mark Waid and artist Paul Azaceta.

In Waid's words, as "Species" begins, Spider-Man's "not well. He's exhausted. He's on his last nerve."

Unfortunately for him, Lily Hollister, aka Menace, the woman pregnant with Norman Osborn's child, has chosen this moment to return to the Webslinger's life. But as for her whereabouts since we last saw her, Waid can't say just yet.

"That's a very good question," remarks the writer. "Without revealing too much, pregnant Lily is not a minor chess piece to Norman Osborn. Pre or post-incarceration, Osborn would have kept very good tabs on Lily. Very good."

As Lily resurfaces, a number of members from Spider-Man's rogues gallery, including Doctor Octopus, will come crawling out of the woodwork to try and get their clutches on her.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN black and white preview art by Paul Azaceta
"Some see it as a bargaining chip they can use against Norman should he ever return," explains Waid of the villains' motivations. "Some are intrigued by the question of what baby Osborn blood might be like and what can be done with it. And at least one villain sees a potential even greater."

Besides his rogues gallery, a number of Peter's supporting cast members will play significant roles in the upcoming six-part tale.

"Carlie Cooper's a big player, as is Mary Jane, and Harry Osborn is naturally very involved in the drama surrounding his surprise half-brother," promises Waid. "And Mayor Jameson, of course, leads the Anti-Spider-Man public outrage as the entire city turns against Spidey in a way they never have before."

All the drama won't just revolve around Spider-Man, however, as Waid hints that some of his friend will have their own issues:

"MJ and Carlie have a lot to talk about."


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      I absolutely HATE the artwork. Hated it during the Shocker story, hate it now.