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Take 10

Take 10: Crossover Avengers

Earth's Mightiest Heroes who find time for other teams besides the Avengers on their resumes

Every week, a secret cabal of Marvel staffers gathers to discuss the best of the best when it comes to the House of Ideas.

With the Heroic Age underway and the demand for good guys at an all-time high, the Avengers have had to expand their recruiting efforts far and wide. Already the Secret Avengers nabbed Beast from the X-Men, and this week in NEW AVENGERS #1, Luke Cage gives the Fantastic Four's Thing Earth's Mightiest sales pitch.

Heroes who typically inhabit other corners of the Marvel Universe moonlighting as Avengers represents nothing new, dating back to when Invaders alumni Captain America first thawed out and carrying into the modern day with Wolverine logging many a frequent flyer mile.

This week, the Secret Cabal presents their 10 favorite "Crossover Avengers."

For each character you get the quick rundown as well as a special spotlight comic courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

As always, these picks reflect the personal choices of the Secret Cabal, not the official opinion of Marvel or Marvel.com, and can be considered subjective at best. Enjoy!


First Appearance: IRON MAN #54 (1973)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #137
Other Team Memberships: Defenders, Infinity Watch (founding member), Guardians of the Galaxy
Learn More About Her...here
Why She Makes the List: Heather Douglas never quite fit in with the Avengers during her brief time with the team, sticking around more out of an interest in Thor than any desire to be a part of something bigger than herself. Her attempt to lead the Defenders ended in tragedy, but she has found some success among more cosmically-oriented groups like the Infinity Watch and Guardians of the Galaxy, whether they wanted her around or not.
Spotlight Comic: WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH #8-Moondragon and the Infinity Watch face off with Thanos!

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #193 (1985)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #4 (1998)
Other Team Memberships: Hellions, New Warriors (founding member)
Learn More About Her...here
Why She Makes the List: It seems improbably that a nice young lady like Angelica Jones would get mixed up with the nasty Hellions, but thanks to the manipulations of The White Queen, it happened. Fortunately, Firestar broke away to help found the New Warriors, meeting some of her closest friends and falling in love with teammate Justice. Angelica's "graduation" to the Avengers proved a well-earned milestone on Firestar's journey from unwitting villain to true hero.
Spotlight Comic: FIRESTAR #1 (1986)-Angelica Jones' hellacious induction into the Hellions!

First Appearance: X-MEN #4 (1964)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #16 (1965)
Other Team Memberships: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (founding member), X-Factor
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Pietro Maximoff's initial experience with teamwork didn't prove a happy one, reluctantly playing the role of villain under the tyranny of his father, Magneto, in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. And while Quicksilver would serve some time as an Avenger, his only real bond on the team seemed to come from his close relationship with sister Wanda, aka The Scarlet Witch. Though his ego and impatience will probably never make him an ideal team player, perhaps Pietro felt most at ease among his fellows mutants in the off-kilter government-sponsored X-Factor, though once more he didn't stick around too long.
Spotlight Comic: X-MEN #4 (1964)-Quicksilver debuts as part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!

First Appearance: INCREDIBLE HULK #180 (1974)
Joined the Avengers: NEW AVENGERS #6 (2005)
Other Team Memberships: X-Men, X-Force (team leader)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: No hero in the Marvel Universe maintains quite the itinerary of Wolverine, who currently serves on the X-Men, Avengers and X-Force all at once. Impressive as that is, the most significant aspect to Wolverine's inclusion among Earth's Mightiest Heroes is it showed that Captain America and Iron Man were willing to accept a new age had dawned, accepting a darker shade of champion such as Logan onto the team. For his part, Wolverine has proven both valuable and loyal to his new group in addition to his existing associations.
Spotlight Comic: WOLVERINE #73 (2003)-A very busy day in the life of Wolverine!

First Appearance: MISS AMERICA MAGAZINE #2 (1944)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #148
Other Team Memberships: Defenders
Learn More About Her...here
Why She Makes the List: Patsy Walker barely had time to celebrate the end of her probationary period of Avengers membership and graduation to full-time status before the telepathic Moondragon "convinced" her she belonged elsewhere. Moondragon's manipulations would lead Hellcat to the Defenders, where she became a fixture, experiencing both triumphs and tragedy, from her friendship with Valkyrie and numerous impressive showings in battle to her doomed romance with Daimon Hellstrom. Patsy never officially rejoined the Avengers, but her time as a Defender has made her plenty capable to lend a hand when the call goes out.
Spotlight Comic: DEFENDERS #76-Hellcat and the Defenders encounter the mystery of Omega the Unknown!

5. CAPTAIN AMERICA (Steve Rogers)
First Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 (1941)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #4 (1964)
Other Team Memberships: Invaders (founding member)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Before he became the first non-charter Avenger, Steve Rogers had actually logged significant time as a member of the original Marvel super team, the Invaders. His World War II days playing peacemaker between Namor and The Human Torch prepared Captain America for leadership of the Avengers and keeping the volatile likes of Hawkeye and Quicksilver in line. However, while Cap has always maintained great loyalty to and affection for his old Invaders teammates, that group never became for him the family the Avengers have proven.
Spotlight Comic: AVENGERS/INVADERS #1-The Captain America-led Invaders travel to the present where they meet the Avengers!

First Appearance: SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1 (1980)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #221
Other Team Memberships: Fantastic Four
Learn More About Her...here
Why She Makes the List: Jennifer Walters have never been shy when it comes to seizing opportunity, not flinching to join the Avengers and proving equally eager to take a place among the fabled Fantastic Four when invited to replace The Thing following the Secret Wars. While many temporary members have resided within the FF's family structure for short bursts, She-Hulk stuck around quite some time and left an indelible mark. Once her Fantastic voyage concluded, Shulkie shuffled right back to the Avengers, not missing a beat.
Spotlight Comic: FANTASTIC FOUR #265-Back from the Secret Wars, She-Hulk joins the FF!

First Appearance: GIANT-SIZE DEFENDERS #5 (1975)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #4 (1998)
Other Team Memberships: New Warriors (founding member, team leader)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: As Marvel Boy, Vance Astrovik proved one of the most mature and responsible members of the New Warriors, then following his transformation into Justice, he led the team with competence and distinction. When Vance fulfilled his life-long dream of becoming an Avenger, the call-up to the "big leagues" proved jarring and his well-honed proficiency gave way to big time stage fright. Watching Justice slowly grow into his role with Earth's Mightiest Heroes was a fascinating and at times frustrating process for those who knew him as a New Warrior, but ultimately rewarding as he made the grade.
Spotlight Comic: AVENGERS #13 (1998)-Justice's old pals in the New Warriors want him back!

First Appearance: TALES OF SUSPENSE #57 (1964)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #16 (1965)
Other Team Memberships: Defenders, Thunderbolts (team leader)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Clint Barton is a quintessential Avenger through and through, having been a staple of the team's various incarnations throughout nearly all its incarnations, but those rare times he has stepped away have often proven to be the most key to his development as both a hero and a man. In addition to his solo sabbaticals, perhaps no period of time shaped Hawkeye more than his time leading the Thunderbolts. Seeing potential in a group of villains seeking redemption much as he himself had, Clint forced himself to grow up in a way he never had before in order to inspire the T-Bolts similarly to how Captain America had guided him; out of the bargain, he provided the Marvel Universe with several enduring heroes-and had an intriguing tryst with Moonstone along the way.
Spotlight Comic: AVENGERS #12 (1998)-Hawkeye leads his current crew, the Thunderbolts, against his old team, the Avengers!

First Appearance: X-MEN #1 (1963)
Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #137
Other Team Memberships: X-Men (founding member), Defenders, X-Factor (founding member)
Learn More About Him...here
Why He Makes the List: Henry McCoy, charter member of the X-Men, crossed a line to join the Avengers that has inspired countless others since. Not only did Beast represent one of the first heroes who had served a significant tenure elsewhere before joining the team, he was also a mutant with a high public profile-more so than Quicksilver or The Scarlet Witch-who braved the pitchforks to take a place a spot he deserved among Earth's Mightiest. By not allowing his role as X-Man or mutant define him, Beast opened the door for many other to step up as Avengers, and has found his way back to the team after an absence of several years.
Spotlight Comic: X-FACTOR #1 (1986)-Beast reunites with his old X-Men teammates to found X-Factor!


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what about sandman? he was in the sinister twelve,sinister six, the intruders, the outlaws, the frightful four,the wild pack, and the avengers?Or the hulk? he was in the defenders,fantastic four, the pantheon, horsemen of the apocalypse,and the war bound ?or U.S.Agent? he has been in omega flight,S.T.A.R.S,S.H.I.E.L.D, Secret defenders,Queens vengeance, the leader of the jury,Mighty avengers,west coast avengers, force works, and the bold urban commandos.if your going to a top ten then do it the right way are not at all.