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Deadpool: Match Made in Hell

The Merc With a Mouth and Satana walk the aisle in DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #892 from writer David Lapham

By Marc Strom

Wade Wilson has courted his fair share of ladies to little success, but on June 30 he may hit the jackpot with Satana in DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #892, from the creative team of writer David Lapham and artist Shawn Crystal.

David Lapham's first glimpse of Satana
For Lapham, the character of Satana has always stuck around in his head because of a single page.

"I have this very strong image in my head from when I was a kid of Satana," he recalls. "It was in a Doctor Strange comic I think and Satana comes to the door [on] the last page. I'm too lazy to go dig it up in my basement, but I did a Google search and there it was. I don't think I ever got the next issue, which happened a lot when I was kid buying at the newsstand at 7-ll or a drug store. But it left its mark."

When the time came to decide who would serve as Deadpool's bride in this team-up, Lapham felt Satana fit the bill for a number of reasons.

"I definitely wanted to use a female character," explains the writer. "One of the most fun aspects of Deadpool to write is his relationship with women. He loooves women. But he really loves them. Falls head over heels 'forever till we part' in love with every woman he meets. So it had to be a woman. Then because of [my answer to your] first question, [it] had to be Satana.

"Their dynamic is basically Deadpool instantly believes they're soulmates and it's forever love. Satana-well, she just needs Deadpool and tolerates the rest. That sounds like the makings of a beautiful marriage, don't you think?"

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #892 preview art by Shawn Crystal
Because of Wade Wilson's unique personality, Lapham also feels his co-stars need to meet at least one other requirement.

"Well, I think we have Deadpool, and Deadpool has to be the craziest guy in any room," suggests Lapham. "And somehow things work out because of that fact. Then I think at least somebody-if not everybody-in the cast has to play it straight. The main thing is everyone has to take themselves seriously. Deadpool takes his crazy seriously, he's committed."

Lapham says he "definitely" sees Deadpool as a character perfectly in line with his sensibilities as a writer, "basically because he's whacked yet he exists in the 'real world' with the serious folks. From Amy Racecar [in Stray Bullets] to Sadie Dawkins [in Young Liars], I tend to like to create these, I call them Bugs Bunny-like characters. They can break all the rules that no one else seems to be allowed to break and they get away with it simply because they have no idea their view of the world is anything but 100% normal."

Writing a self-contained team-up issue such as this can present a certain set of challenges, but Lapham has a lot of familiarity with the format in some ways.

"Most of the stories I write are one issue stories," he points out. "Not all; I've done plenty of multiple part tales, but I really think you have to approach every comic as if it's somebody's first. Beyond that, it is a challenge. Usually when I write I come up with lots of visual bits or dialogue exchanges that I love. Ultimately you have to make choices

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #892 preview art by Shawn Crystal
[between] which ones to keep and which ones have to go because they're not necessary or you simply don't have the room. 22 pages [are] not a lot of pages-in terms of work to produce, it's a ton of work, but as a read, not a lot."

For DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #892, though, Lapham has managed to cram in as much fun and insanity as he could possible fit, featuring "the funniest Deadpool since the untimely passing of Deadpool Marx, the 'lost' fifth Marx Brother. We've [also] got a totally hot 1970's version of Satana, half the Marvel underworld, Deadpool, and for the first time anywhere, Deadpool's soul in all its tiny, withered glory. A truly landmark comic which will bring all who buy it great wealth and unimaginable power. For those who don't-well, I can't be held responsible for Dormammu's actions, can I?"


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      Some issues on the team-up can be good and some really dumb but I don't care their all one-shots and I like DeadPool.


      Took me all of 2 seconds to look up the covers to find out that it was MTU #80 he's talking about. I knew it couldn't be Dr. Strange because I vaguely remembered this story and I wasn't reading no Dr. Strange back in the early 80's/late 70's. (Lack of funds, not lack of quality really.) The cover to MTU #80 clearly shows Dr. Strange possessed, and in the next issue Satanna is guest-starring with spidey.


      Deadpool aren't the marrying type but syrin should be his girl .


      Actually deadpool marx would be the sixth marx brother. the others beingGroucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo, and Gummo.


      DeadPool? Married? Wow, he steps in it deep this issue. I'll have to pick this up!!


      Oooh, this should be hot. I like what the writer has to say, too.