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San Diego Comic-Con 2007

San Diego Comic-Con 2007: Brian Reed and Lee Weeks Tapped to Launch New Captain Marvel Series



By Micah Stahl Boo-yah Marvel fans, Mar-Vell is most definitely back in the saddle again! Thanks the terrific talents of Brian Reed (MS. MARVEL) and Lee Weeks (DAREDEVIL), Captain Marvel's on point to ride high at Marvel. Reed, Weeks and editor Steve Wacker explain what's going down with earth's favorite white-skinned Kree.

Captain Marvel
#1 cover

Last we saw him in CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN, Mar-Vell stumbled forward in a time rift to find himself far in the future. Reaching a Negative Zone time portal before his death in the past, the Kree warrior finds himself at a major crossroads. After being informed about his death, he is appointed warden of File 42 prison for unregistered heroes. Captain Marvel deserves an honorary PhD in Badass-ology for taking on that job. The mini-series picks up the story here. Don't expect this to be a mere "Civil War" follow-up, true believers. The Kree hero remains the steak and potatoes in this visual feast. "There's obvious references to the Civil War in this and then we just kinda step away from that and tell this story", Weeks tells us. Be prepared for a deep analysis of one of Marvel's most influential characters. The problem is no longer what side to be on but how to get back. Brian Reed tells us about the impending Back to the Future effect, "We have to figure out how to get him home because he's not supposed to be here and if he dies here and now, what happens to history? And that's bad news." Bad news indeed. 1.21 Jigowatts won't save him here.

Civil War:
The Return
(McGuinness Variant)

This is no sappy last-day on earth tale either. Cancer can take his life, but it can never take his freedom! Be ready to delve deep into the complex character of a soldier, stricken with internal conflict surrounding his role as an outsider and his imminent death. Reed described his character by saying, "[We tried to] really give him that attitude of 'I'm remembered as the guy who died of cancer. I know its still coming and I know that's still my thing. I don't want that to be what I'm remembered for.'" Be prepared to see Captain Marvel dish out a Capital B-ting, even if it means the alteration of the present. Tough noogies. And although this ET won't dial long distance or eat Reeces Pieces, he still retains his alien persona as an outsider, providing a whole new element to the Marvel U. "He isn't one of us, yet he seems to have a clear idea of what our good was intended to be", Weeks reveals to us. This should prove an interesting element to the tale. Of course with his immense power, he will prove a formidable enemy or ally to any hero in the universe. He is a good guy though, no buts about it, says Weeks. "This is very clear as to who the good guy is." Even if he's the "cat's pajamas", he's not perfect. Wacker knows "like many heroes in the Marvel Universe right now, I think he's hoping he's doing the right things". Let's all hope Mar-Vell knows what he's doing, as we check out the amazing art and story in the new CAPTAIN MARVEL mini-series coming this November. Be sure to stay close to Marvel.com for all the latest and greatest updates.

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