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Tips & Tweets: Breaking In

Want to make comics? Get tips from Marvel talent manager C.B. Cebulski to help YOU at San Diego Comic-Con and beyond



By CB Cebulski

Stan Lee had his Soapbox, and no one could ever fill his shoes or match his level of showmanship. But if there's one thing we've learned from "The Man" himself, it's that Marvel fans and readers love the openness and accessibility associated with our comics and creators. We've always given you a "peak behind the curtain", so to speak... an unfiltered glimpse into our creative processes.

And now we want to do one better! We want to give you a look at some insider information that may even help you BECOME one of the creators that writes and draws Marvel Comics! With Comic-Con International at San Diego on the horizon, we felt there was no better time than now to offer some inspirational advice on "How to Break into Comics the Marvel Way"...

Pulled from CB Cebulski' Twitter feed (@CBCebulski) and organized by topic, these tips, tweets and missives may help YOU get into the comic book biz at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 or beyond!

Today's topic: Breaking In

Breaking into Marvel is like getting into Harvard. Not only do you need to be the top of your class, you need extra curricular activities.

RT @TheJohnBarber: "When I left Marvel editorial, a creator called & said "now that you quit--can you tell me the secret to break in?" HA!!

RT @AdamTracey: "The term "break into comics" is misleading, like there's a trick. Maybe start saying "work your way into comics" instead?"

RT @Perazza: "I wish people trying to break into #comics would stop looking for the goddamn angle, trick or gimmick." So agree! Do the work.

Wanna know the secret of comics? Everyone's a genius and nobody knows anything. :)

As a wise man once said, "Breaking into comics is hard, but staying in comics is harder.", which is why it's nice to see... (cont.)

...that newer artists with differing styles whose work I really enjoy are being embraced by editors & offered more work.

Never underestimate the power of the mini-comic. Make them. Distribute them. Buy them. Enjoy them.

RT @skottieyoung: "I would add to also know what's out there so you know what direction to go and what has already been done." Good advice!

Today's piece of advice for aspiring comics creators... Read comics! (Should go without saying, I know, but you'd be surprised.)

I'm not saying read ONLY comics, just that if you want to write or draw them, at least have an understanding & appreciation of the art form.

Study story & storytelling wherever you can find it!

RT @Chozzles If I may add: STAY POSITIVE. There is no conspiracy against you breaking in (to comics)! Work hard and make your own luck.

I sometimes do encourage artists looking to break in to take gigs at smaller publishers for free for the opportunity and exposure it brings.

I'll always encourage up-n-coming writers/artists to work for indy publishers; take the work/chance when & where you can get it... (cont.)

...but be very clear and careful upfront when it comes to contracts/terms/payments when working with newer/smaller companies.

All it takes is one small story to get you noticed and hired.

There all lots of amazing anthologies out there that are looking for talented writers and artists to contribute that you should look into.

Writers too. As the big publishers need "previously published work" in order to consider you, it's a way to get your foot in the door.

It is much to discover creators who are working digitally so they are easier to find and contact on our own when we see something we like.

I don't think we can make it TOO easy to break into comics. Getting a chance may be easier, but proving yourself & STAYING in is harder.


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