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Wolverine: The Best There Is

Charlie Huston introduces a host of deadly adversaries to Logan’s life in a new ongoing series beginning next winter

WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS black and white preview art by Jose Juan Ryp
By TJ Dietsch

Creating new villains for Wolverine comes as no small task.

The adamantium-laced X-Man and Avenger can handle just about anything thrown at him, so Charlie Huston, writer of the new ongoing series WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS beginning next winter with art by Jose Juan Ryp, has devised a villain Logan can't even touch for fear of unleashing his lethal blood in Contagion.

"I was looking to create nemesis for Logan that stepped outside of the three major models of feral killer, honorable warrior or crazed assassin," Huston notes. "I told [editor] Axel Alonso that I wanted a brand new villain who was as opposite Logan as possible starting with the most basic and banal differences. So Contagion is very tall because Logan is short. He is elegant because Logan is coarse. And he is extremely physically frail because Logan is virtually immortal at this point. After I filled in a column of qualities I wanted the character to possess, I started trying to imagine who that fellow might be, and how, if he is so frail, he might survive any encounter with Wolverine."

WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS black and white preview art by Jose Juan Ryp
Considering that frailty, Contagion surrounds himself with a veritable army of toughs who have no problem throwing down with Wolverine dubbed the Unkillables.

"A grab bag of the very weird and, highly improbable, and self consciously obscure," Huston says, describing the group. "The best known of the bunch by far is Madcap. There are two Unkillables who have appeared in no more than a single previous issue, and one who [has] not been seen since the 1950's. I have done my best to use only characters with no previous contact with Wolverine-which, as we all know, is no easy task."

With such a formidable foe crossing his path, don't expect the ol' Canucklehead to go it alone as he will be bringing in his X-pals to help out.

"The X-Men we see in this arc are the top tier-Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast-and whoever happens to be around base [like] Dazzler," Huston tease.

But, that's not all, as Wolverine and his allies will also encounter a pair of galactic bounty hunters who will play a part in the stories.

WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS black and white preview art by Jose Juan Ryp
"One is Monark Starstalker," Huston reveals. "[He's a] Howard Chaykin creation from the 70's [who] appeared in one issue of [MARVEL PREMIERE]. I had that issue as a kid and always loved it. At some point I knew I wanted the story to go slightly cosmic and I needed a bounty hunter. I did a quick Google search on Monark to find that one issue and discovered that he was slated to appear in an issue of NOVA the following day. For the first time in literally decades, here comes Monark Starstalker. Anyway, [NOVA writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning] beat me to him, but they let me peek at the scripts so I could see what they were up to. There was room in their concept to bring Monark to Earth in my arc so I went for it.  The other bounty hunter is a transcendentally obscure, shape-shifting secret agent from one of Marvel's old black and white magazine format titles.  Another one-issue wonder. I'm not going to say his/its name, but a few doddering ancients like myself will know who it is."

With so many characters running around both familiar and obscure, Huston says he's having a fantastic time weaving this tale together with so many aspects of Marvel's rich history.

WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS black and white preview art by Jose Juan Ryp
"I started with a fairly rigid premise within which the Unkillables were just back-story, but at some point I saw an approach that would just let me get strange and I went for it," he says. "There is very little forethought in this sucker. Faced with making a choice between strange and sensible, I took the strange route 99% of the time."


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      i am very interested in this whole story line. plus, im always looking forward to more wolverine info!


      I too am sick of all these Wolverine books. What I don't understand, is why they always end a book of his and then give him another one? If they just stuck with one book, he would have be halfway to three hundred consecutive issues by now! I understand doing that with a character like Moon Knight or Iron Fist. If the book doesn't sell well, you have to end it and try again in the future. But what is the point of stopping a book and starting it from #1 just two months later? As far as this book goes. I will pick it up, however, it is because of the secondary characters, and villains described in this article that has me intrigued. In addition, the artwork looks amazing!


      way to go im happy to wovlerine is still going strong is i also like the deadpool orins story idea


      Oh man I just looked at the pictures, that is totally The Griz!Ha, I really am going to like this.


      I don't like Wolverine in his own titles. I like him making cameos in other things, never when he is a main character. But I love obscure marvel characters and I think I'm actually looking forward to this...I just hope Wolverine dosen't kill all of these obscure characters.

      spider-warrior member

      Seriosly Marvel?! Another Wolverine ongoing series??!!! Why do the big wigs like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Norman Osborn, Deadpool and Wolverine always recieve so much over exposure like this when their are other great characters like Hulk, Fantastic Four, Punisher and all the other Marvel characters you could use. Why can't the Punisher recieve another title (without the Franken Castle look)instead of Wolverine?!! Man this is getting annoying.