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Tips & Tweets

Tips & Tweets: Professionalism

Want to make comics? Get tips from Marvel Senior VP C.B. Cebulski to help YOU at San Diego Comic-Con and beyond

By CB Cebulski

No matter how talented you are, your artistic abilities will only get you so far in the comic book biz. There are so many other factors that come into play when it comes to working in comics, such as your personality, your attitude, how you work with editors, your ability to hit deadlines... and I tend to place all these things under the umbrella of "professionalism".

Trust me, there are plenty of talented artists out there who editors don't want to work with due to their lack of professionalism. You don't want to be one of them. Here are some pointers so you can avoid similar pitfalls...

Today's Tips: Professionalism

Never make the offer that you're happy to work for free. Even if you mean it, it won't help & looks desperate.

Dear up-n-coming writers, if you get a comic published & do interviews, ALWAYS remember to credit/name check your artist & creative team!

A big part of being a pro penciler/inker/colorist is knowing when enough's enough & it's time to put the page behind you & move to the next.

My thought was that some people need to be less concerned with ego & money and think more about bigger picture/better stories/greater good.

Professionalism & respect for the job, as well as the editors, is just as important as talent, which some artists will learn the hard way.

Anywhere you can showcase your art, you should. The Deviant Art community is a great way to get more exposure, to build a fan base & to network.

Start a blog to showcase your art in just one click.

RT @mikechoi: "Best art tip I ever got: you're not as good as you think you are."

Dear new artists, there's a difference between being confident in your artistic abilities and being cocky. Know where the line is.

Dear artists, comics is a small industry. All editors talk and your reputation follows you, no matter what company you move to/from.

Pulled from Senior Vice President, Creator & Content Development of Marvel Entertainment CB Cebulski's Twitter feed (@CBCebulski) and organized by topic, these tips, tweets and missives may help YOU get into the comic book biz at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 or beyond!

Special thanks to Marvelous intern Zack Rosenberg (@Comicnerd1988) for compiling and organizing the tweets & tips!


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Although I'm not an artist yet let me give you some advice ^^^^ You should choose the style of painting that fits better with your comic and the feelings you want to transmit, (if there's a dark plot you should choose a dark style), if it's more like a cartoon comic you should choose bright colours. The way of painting depends on your painting skills! the water colours give the images a very realistic view, but you can also use pencils, markers... it's up to you! By the way! you can also use digital painting with photoshop! I would like to know an easy way to publish something being unknown but you could try the internet way. There are publishing companies that could publish your comic on the web. Is a good way to get noticed! I hope Ive been helpful! luck!