X-Men Legacy: Going Rogue

Mike Carey discusses the future of our favorite Southern belle spinning out of Second Coming as she heads across the world al



X-MEN: LEGACY #238 cover by Leinil Francis Yu
By Ben Morse

For years, with her mutant power rendering her unable to initiate physical contact for fear of absorbing the powers and memories of those she touched, Rogue felt alone in the world despite the familial embrace of the X-Men. Now, though she can finally control her abilities, the star of X-MEN: LEGACY may be more of an outsider than ever thanks to her recent choices.

Tasked with safeguarding the would-be mutant messiah Hope through the events of X-Men: Second Coming, Rogue elected to allow her young charge to take the field of battle against Bastion and his forces, a decision that may well have saved the X-Men, but did not sit well with team leader Cyclops.

"Rogue always follows her own instincts, for good or bad, and that's what she's done here," notes LEGACY writer Mike Carey. "I think with Hope she felt that there was a personal debt to pay, and maybe that influenced her decision to go against Cyclops' orders. Ironically, it was an act of faith [in Hope] on the same scale as his, but he's maybe not in a position to appreciate that or to forgive it."

X-MEN: LEGACY #239 cover by Leinil Francis Yu
While these perceived transgressions won't completely sideline the Southern belle, they'll certainly change not only where she stands with her teammates, but also her day-to-day responsibilities as an X-Man.

"At the start of this next arc [beginning in July 28's X-MEN: LEGACY #238] we find Rogue still carrying out her duties [guiding] the younger mutants, so in that sense nothing has changed," Carey affirms. "[However] when Cyclops first gave her those responsibilities, he emphasized that she was a full-time X-Man. Now he's effectively told her that he won't be putting her into any frontline teams in the near future. That's got to hurt.

"But there's this rule that operates in a lot of religious contexts: you can't get forgiven until you confess your sin and offer some kind of atonement for it. I don't think Rogue feels what she did was wrong, so she's not likely to apologize for it. She'll follow her own path, which may take her to some places you wouldn't expect."

Up first: India, where Rogue, Magneto and several of the X-Men's young students accompany Indra home at the behest of his parents and immediately encounter bizarre phenomenon that match up with one team member's personal mission.

X-MEN: LEGACY #240 cover by Leinil Francis Yu
"Rogue is there primarily to support Indra, but Magneto has a different agenda, which becomes apparent in the course of the arc's first issue," Carey shares. "The challenges will include Indra's somewhat authoritarian father, a juvenile delinquent from another dimension and the Children of the Vault."

Carey's affection for the next generation of X-Men will carry through the immediate future of LEGACY, with Hope and Hellion taking center stage following the current "Collision" arc, but the team's adult core will also drop by to keep things interesting.

"We'll see Psylocke, Colossus, Omega Sentinel, Danger and a whole bunch of people," he reveals. "We'll carry on dissolving and re-inventing our cast from one arc to the next; that's one of the things I love about writing this book."

One cast member who will continue to have a presence both in LEGACY will be Gambit, though the ragin' Cajun will have a rival for Rogue's romantic affections in a certain Master of Magnetism.

"Magneto's trying to rekindle a former relationship and Rogue's saying that's not possible," says Carey. "From what she has said herself, Gambit

Rogue by Clay Mann
doesn't have to worry, but the heat of battle can sometimes change a status quo that's remained fixed and firm for a long time."

Amidst the constantly-shifting landscape of X-MEN: LEGACY, Carey remains grateful for one piece of consistency in the form of artist Clay Mann.

"Clay can do no wrong in my book," the writer touts. "I love his faces, the elegance and eloquence of his body language, the dynamism of his page layouts, and the way he takes a dozen new characters and settings in stride. Wait until you read LEGACY #238 and you'll see what I mean."


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