Loki: Mischievous Origins

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Sebastian Fiumara return to the God of Mischief’s earliest days in Loki



Loki triumphant

By Marc Strom

Writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Sebastian Fiumara will delve into the God of Mischief's formative years beginning this October in the four-part LOKI limited series. While the series will cast the spotlight on the trickster as a youth, it will also jump around a bit in time.

"The focus is on the period immediately after Balder's death," specifies Aguirre-Sacasa. "But we cast backwards to Loki's boyhood and look forward to his untimely demise at the hands of Thor. I would say that this is the story of Loki as a young man, when he becomes aware of his destiny and the role he is fated-or, depending on your perspective, doomed-to play in the wider tapestry of Asgardian mythology and lore."

The character of Loki has long held a fascination to Aguirre-Sacasa, who sees the god as part of a much larger tradition in storytelling.

"He's such a fascinating villain," remarks the writer. "A precursor to The Joker, in a way, but also Shakespearean. In fact, if I had to put Loki in a continuum, I would situate him alongside Macbeth, Cain and Judas. They are all ambitious men who took terrible, decisive actions for reasons that, to their minds, at least, were completely justified."

While a number of creators have left their imprint on Loki throughout the years, Aguirre-Sacasa will draw on a few specific footnotes from his long bibliography.

"I have definitely read up on my Loki history, but I always go back to the Ur-texts," he reflects. "In this case, Stan [Lee] and Jack [Kirby's] original stories in 'Tales of Asgard.' But I also studied-and am an enormous fan of-J. Michael Straczynski's recent run on THOR and Matt Fraction's recent one-shots."

Since Loki will play the role of protagonist rather than antagonist in this particular tale, fans will also gain a certain insight into how the God of Mischief views himself.

"Like all the best villains, I think he sees himself as a hero," explains Aguirre-Sacasa. "Misunderstood, cursed, whatever, but a victim of his circumstance. Or, if that's pushing it too far, I think he thinks he's doing his best with the hand of cards he's been dealt. Of course, he's somewhat paranoid and delusional, so that factors in; and [he's] bitter, bitter, bitter. The phrase I taped to the top of my computer when I started this series is 'no one thinks of himself as evil,' and I believe that applies to Loki, as well."

Thor vs Loki
Meanwhile, the role of Loki's tormentor will fall to his longtime enemy the usual hero of the story-Thor.

"The last issue is Thor versus Loki, mano-a-mano," promises Aguirre-Sacasa. "I'm hoping it's the best fight I've ever written; which maybe isn't saying a lot since I'm the guy who wrote MARVEL DIVAS, but I'm swinging for bleachers."

Of course, a Loki series wouldn't be complete without a host of Asgardians to help populate its pages.

"We'll be seeing the usual suspects," says the writer. "Thor, Odin, Balder, Sif, the Aesir, as well as some less familiar faces. Like, for instance, the Norn witches in the second issue. Along with a motley assortment of dwarves and elves and other creatures you might find in the Dungeons and Dragons Fiend Folio of my youth."

Artist Sebastian Fiumara will join Aguirre-Sacasa for these four issues, and the writer's found their relationship very fruitful.

LOKI #1 cover
"Sebastian's great," he boasts. "I'm just getting to know him working on this series, but I was a tremendous fan of what he did with his version of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' [for the Marvel Illustrated line]. Ever since then, he's been on my wish-list, so when [editor] Ralph [Macchio] said he would be drawing this LOKI series it was a complete no-brainer for me. He's in Argentina, so all of our communication has been through e-mail, but it has definitely been a case of like-minds and kindred-spirits."

Leaving off, Aguirre-Sacasa hopes fans will enjoy the series as much as the creative team has while putting it together.

"This isn't a tease, nor will it turn out to be false hype-I hope-and I know everyone says this all time, but I am seriously proud of the work Sebastian and I are doing on this limited series," raves the writer. "Pardon the pun when discussing the God of Thunder: lightning doesn't always strike with these things, but this one feels special, somehow. I'm having a blast writing it and I hope people check it out. It's really, really cool to be supplementing my gig on THE STAND with some good old-fashioned Norse badness."


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