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San Diego Comic-Con 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Spider-Girl

In the aftermath of Grim Hunt, Paul Tobin and Clayton Henry present the newest addition to the Spider-Man family

By Jim Beard

Following her appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN's Grim Hunt storyline and addition to the team in YOUNG ALLIES, Marvel Comics proudly announces a new ongoing SPIDER-GIRL series starring the adventurer formerly known as Arana. Writer Paul Tobin's excited to bring the young heroine's new solo adventures to readers.

"Anya Corazon is a girl stuck between her youthful optimism-'I'm gonna change the world!'-and all the evidence of what she's up against," he explains. "She's seen a lot of the worst humanity has to offer, but she's also seen her fellow heroes stand up against overwhelming odds and literally save the world. She puts on the costume because it gives her an extra voice, one that speaks louder than she feels she can as a simple 16-year-old girl who struggles in romance and school and life in general."

Tobin promises Spider-Girl's stories will set a tone for themselves, apart from her "big brother" Spider-Man's adventures.

"Well, apparently I'm a mean guy, because I'm immediately making life even harder for Anya," he notes of SPIDER-GIRL's kick-off arc. "She's about to have a major life change, and be forced to examine who she is and what she does, and if it's even possible in light of the new developments. As far as what kinds of adventures she'll face, one thing

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648 variant cover by J. Scott Campbell
I've always liked about the Spider-Family is the broad spectrum of possibilities, from street-level criminals to universe-bending powers. And while Spider-Girl might not be as strong as Spider-Man in a fight, she's also a young girl who hasn't quite learned her limits, and her curiosity can lead her into overwhelming situations. Luckily, she's going to have a support group on hand."

That group consists of characters both familiar and new, according to Tobin, and ones that will fill out the book's cast for the foreseeable future.

"Rikki 'Nomad' Barnes and Spider-Man will be around, of course," he promises. "But the two I think I'm most excited to be working with are a new character, Rockefeller 'Rocky' Flint, who attends Milton Summers High School with Anya, and then also Susan Richards, The Invisible Woman. Sue and Gil 'I'm Anya's Father' Corazon are friends, and Sue will be around as somewhat of a mentor, but mostly a friend. I love working with members of the Fantastic Four and with Sue specifically. Writer Jeff Parker really set the stage for her as a character."

The events of Grim Hunt and Spider-Girl's induction into the Young Allies sets the stage for her new title as she's immediately plunged into a dangerous situation with unexpected consequences in SPIDER-GIRL #1.

"The first arc will have Spider-Girl teaming up with what I'll just go ahead and say is an unexpected teammate, and one that Anya doesn't like very much, at all," Tobin teases. "Anya will be facing a criminal organization that has the simplest motive of all: pure greed. With all that's going on in the world right now, some of the most insidious crimes are motivated by

SPIDER-GIRL #1 cover
people who have money, want even more, and are willing to look the other way while lives are snuffed out. Along the way, Anya will also have to deal with a couple foes that are way out of her power range, but that's the biz, and when you put on the tights, you take the punches."

To aid Tobin in delivering those punches comes artist Clayton Henry, an addition to SPIDER-GIRL the writer couldn't be happier with.

"Clayton has a way of bringing majesty to the simplest of characters, and extra added majesty to the main characters," he says. "Spider-Girl, Susan Richards, Character X That I'm Not Going to Talk About-they have a sense of grandeur and nobility about them. An inner strength. And then there's Mr. Henry's ability to stage a scene from the oddest of angles and still have the artwork sing, an ability that any Spider-Family book demands. I normally want to high-five Clayton when his pages come in."


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I agree with mtk2k2 mattie franklin was a better spider girl but now shes been tossed out like a dead raccon and for what a younger newbie come on


This is not spider-girl, if you want to read the actual spider-girl get the trades since marvel never promoted or advertised the character the real fans have to do it. This is just like all the other crap marvel has been pulling lately I was really hoping that disney would fire the editor in chief who is doing all this bs.


it wont last a year// when will they relize not every chacter deserves a book


Funny how there is no mention of the Young Allies (other than "Nomad'). Hmmm


I liked mattie Franklin better


Sorry but what the hell!?I like araña being araña,not just some other spider-women(ok girl),and ok I love May Parker Spider-girl from day one(her book is the only one where spidey is married).No offense to any spider-women fan.