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San Diego Comic-Con 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Carnage

Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain resurrect the psychotic symbiote to clash with Spider-Man and Iron Man

By TJ Dietsch

Bringing a supposedly dead character back to life can be tricky, just ask Zeb Wells, writer of the upcoming five issue limited series CARNAGE which will debut in October with art by Clayton Crain. The whole thing becomes even more complex when the character had as memorable a death as Carnage, who got zipped up to space and ripped in half by The Sentry in the first arc of NEW AVENGERS. 

"[Original Carnage host] Cletus [Kasady] was ripped in half and I think it would be a cheat to say he's survived months in space," Wells says. "I was never a big fan of Cletus anyway, and Clayton had a great take on a new host for the symbiote."

Wells kept quiet on most details of this new Carnage, but did offer a few hints to get fans excited for the pairing of the old symbiote with a brand new host.

"We wanted to keep the crazy costume but transpose it on a different personality," he reveals. "This Carnage will have murderous urges but will be more conflicted about them."

As you might expect, the return of one of Spider-Man's most murderous villains will draw the Web Head's attention, but Iron Man will also become involved.

CARNAGE #1 cover by Clayton Crain
"The Carnage symbiote is a piece of biology that would be very tempting to any bio-tech company," Wells explains. "It will pop up on Tony Stark's radar as soon as it returns."

Considering how much has happened to both heroes lately, this partnership might be strained at best, but Wells promises some classic Spidey humor along with plenty of action as the pair try to take down the new Carnage.

"Tony's been through some rough times, so Spidey will constantly try to lighten the mood," the writer says. "But around issue three, things just get insane and they have to watch each other's backs like brothers."

Of course, an epic such as CARNAGE needs an artist up to the challenge of not only bringing back an iconic villain, but also portraying two of Marvel's most well-known heroes; Wells can't think of anyone more up to the task than Crain.

"I've wanted to work with Clayton Crain since I started writing comics," he notes. "I've made no secret about it with almost every editor I've worked with. I'm forever in [editor Steve] Wacker's debt for making it happen. This is a professional dream come true, and I am not exaggerating at all."


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Webspidrman member

I think the beauty of Carnage is that he is the pinnacle of evil. To make Carnage conflicted about his urges defeats the point of Carnage i think. But hey, i loved Cletus and his personality so i'm biased.I must say though, if it isn't Cletus in the suit, we need a new name for the new incarnation, so as to retire Cletus's iconic version. Since i read that Carnage is a woman this time, what about She-Carnage? Kind of predictable but it works. ;DAnyway, even if Cletus is dead, the suit IS Cletus in a way, or at least part of him. The symbiote and Cletus fully bonded, so one is effectively the same as the other. I'd say the symbiote is identical to Cletus's id, that is it IS him but without any form of restraint or capacity for planning, only an insatiable desire for murder. If the symbiote successfully dominates another host's mind, the result will be a creature that is far less rational than when merged with Cletus, unless this person can ward off some of its influence. This is why it is always a terrible idea to separate the symbiote from Cletus.I very much look forward to reading the story! >=D


where is it saying Carnage is a girl?


Cletus or no cletus...i'm buying theese books. Zeb Wells is the man!


I love carnage but I like cletus he was perfect for the symbiote and I dont think anyone can replace him.


Well my opinion on this is not good because i want cletus kasady and not the new female host it kinda dissapoints me it really does


Can't wait to see Carnage again. One of my fav spidey villans :D