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San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Marvel Creators Win Big at the 2007 Eisner Awards!

Photos by Ryan Penagos

Eisner Award

This past weekend, at Comic-Con International: San Diego, the industry's most prestigious awards ceremony-The Eisners-was held and Marvel creators won some of the biggest awards! Marvel would like to congratulate all the winners of these prestigious awards, honoring their tireless efforts to further the comic book medium and deliver the best stories & art to readers.

Ed Brubaker

Additionally, Marvel would like to congratulate the Marvel creators who brought home the gold, including writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips, who won the "Best New Series" award for their acclaimed crime drama CRIMINAL and letterer Todd Klein, who won the "Best Lettering" award for his work on a number of series, including ETERNALS and FANTASTIK FOUR: 1602. Legendary Eternals scribe Neil Gaiman was also a big winner, as he was presented with the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award.

Ed Brubaker
and his Eisners

But that's not all-Ed Brubaker received his second award of the night when he was honored as the industry's "Best Writer" for his work on the aforementioned CRIMINAL, the headline making CAPTAIN AMERICA and his gritty superhero series DAREDEVIL. Enjoy some photos from the Marvel table at the Eisners and a glance at Agent M's live blogging from the ceremony! From Agent M's Twitter blog, posted directly from the Eisners:

Eisner Awards

--the eisners are over. I think i must retire for the might. So tired! 02:59 AM July 28, 2007 --the second on stage gay kiss involved neil gaiman. He was blushing like crazy 02:44 AM July 28, 2007 --marvel had three nominations for best continuing series. We lost. i love the hell out of all star superman but it still stings 02:39 AM July 28, 2007 --ed won again! This time for criminal! Hell yeah again! 02:31 AM July 28, 2007 --thomas lennon and ben garant are here presenting! how bout them apples? 02:30 AM July 28, 2007 --dave cockrum received a very nice tribute 02:22 AM July 28, 2007

Jeph Loeb and
Ed Brubaker

--jeph loeb just won! For a batman book, but still, it's jeph! He ran here from a local restaurant 02:13 AM July 28, 2007 --stan lee meets spider-man got robbed for best short story 02:08 AM July 28, 2007 --ed brubaker won for best writer! Hell yeah! 02:01 AM July 28, 2007 --ed brubaker has the best silly laugh 01:44 AM July 28, 2007 --how awesome are eric powell and dwight t albatros? Oh my god i hope their presentation makes it to youtube 01:41 AM July 28, 2007 --john cassaday lost for best cover artist. But man that james jean is the goods 01:38 AM July 28, 2007 --boo! Both our teams for civil war and daredevil lost for best penciler inker team. Boo. 01:30 AM July 28, 2007

Jim McCann
and Nicole Boose

--the music played when someone wins an eisner totally sounds like the theme from american gladiators. And yes, that's a good thing 01:23 AM July 28, 2007 --dick ayers was inducted into the eisner hall of fame. Damn straight 01:07 AM July 28, 2007 --paul levitz's mustache isn't quite as spectacular 12:59 AM July 28, 2007 --sergio aragones has a remarkable mustache 12:55 AM July 28, 2007 --how does jack kirby's eternals not who an award? Well...i do like gaiman's sandman. 12:49 AM July 28, 2007 --the show is having technical difficulties! Awkward! 12:44 AM July 28, 2007 --paul pope has mad style. he's presenting with whitney who does the pop culture blog for usa today 12:42 AM July 28, 2007 --steve rude is huge! He must be 15 Feet tall at least 12:34 AM July 28, 2007 --hey we won! Todd klein won for best lettering 12:30 AM July 28, 2007

Mike Malve and
Ed Brubaker

--ed brubaker just got called out for saying the eisner's go too long. He's been goofing around here at our table with jim and mike malve 12:27 AM July 28, 2007 --brian posehn came up to present to wham's last christmas. gumby won an award. i like gumby 12:17 AM July 28, 2007 --jane wiedlan from the gogos is here helping to present awards. Oh! Jim mccan just arrived 11:55 PM July 27, 2007 --neil gaiman just rolled in past us. He wears sunglasses at night 11:52 PM July 27, 2007 --the eisners have begun! bill morrison who does bongo's simpsons comics is the mcing. He's got jokes and jokes and jokes 11:47 PM July 27, 2007 --i'm at the marvel table with dexter vines and some other folks. The eisners are held in a huge room! 11:21 PM July 27, 2007

Nominee cards

--thomas lennon and ben garant are on the escalator behind me. I heart the state like no other show 11:11 PM July 27, 2007 --walking to the eisners 11:07 PM July 27, 2007
Fans can check out the critically acclaimed work from all of these creators in can't miss Marvel collections, available in stores now and coming up soon! CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER VOL. 1 TPB (JAN062099) Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled by STEVE EPTING, MICHAEL LARK & JOHN PAUL LEON Cover by STEVE EPTING Rated T+...$16.99 On-Sale-NOW! CAPTAIN AMERICA BY ED BRUBAKER OMNIBUS VOL. 1 HC (JUL072222) Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled by STEVE EPTING, MIKE PERKINS, MICHAEL LARK, MARCOS MARTIN & LEE WEEKS Cover by STEVE EPTING Rated T+ ...$74.99 FOC-8/9/07, On-Sale-9/19/07 DAREDEVIL: THE DEVIL, INSIDE AND OUT VOL. 1 TPB (AUG062115) Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled by MICHAEL LARK Cover by DAVID FINCH Rated T+ ...$14.99 On-Sale-NOW! DAREDEVIL: HELL TO PAY VOL. 1 TPB (JUL072231) Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled by MICHAEL LARK & LEE WEEKS Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC Rated T+ ...$14.99 FOC-8/30/07, On-Sale-9/26/07 ETERNALS BY NEIL GAIMAN HC (FEB072191) Written by NEIL GAIMAN Penciled by JOHN ROMITA JR. Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. Rated T+ ...$29.99 On-Sale-NOW! MARVEL 1602: FANTASTICK FOUR TPB (MAR072158) Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by PASCAL ALIXE Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO Rated T+ ...$14.99 On-Sale-NOW! CRIMINAL VOLUME 1: COWARD (MAR072132) Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled & Cover by SEAN PHILLIPS Mature Content ... $14.99 On-Sale-NOW! To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook
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