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Chaos War

Chaos War: Alpha Flight

Jim McCann reunites living and deceased members of Canada's greatest super team

By TJ Dietsch

Everyone's favorite Canadian super heroes return in a big way this November with CHAOS WAR: ALPHA FLIGHT, written by Jim McCann-but the reunion might not be on the best terms. In CHAOS WAR #3, Chaos King literally destroys the afterlife which results in plenty of dead souls finding their way back to Earth.

"It fits in with the events that happen at the very end of CHAOS WAR #3," McCann reveals of the plot. "Because of the Chaos King's actions and the threats that are unleashed, suddenly this war gets a lot bigger, very quickly!"

Alpha Flight
Thanks to the majority of the classic Alpha Flight line-up dying in battle against the Collective in NEW AVENGERS #16, expect plenty of mixed emotions from surviving members like Sasquatch. 

"The actions of the Chaos King and his forces make one of Alpha Flight's greatest foes come to an arrangement, so there is essentially a deal with the devil," McCann explains. "The dead members are brought back to this plane, but at a cost. For one member it is absolutely worth it, but for another, this is the worst possible thing that can happen."

McCann's being tight-lipped on exactly which villains Alpha Flight will be facing off against, but don't expect a simple battle of good vs evil.

"This is a three-front fight," he elaborates. "They will be facing the Chaos King, obviously; then the forces of their enemy who brought them back; and also an internal strife. There will be a betrayal that will alter the way the original Alpha Flight members see each other, possibly for good."

But the writer doesn't just want to change how the Alpha Flight members see each other, but how fans see them.

"This is my chance to show people why the original, [John] Byrne-era Alpha Flight team is so popular and beloved," says McCann. "They are the team people want to see. They are the most fascinating.  They're psychologically messed up individuals, an incredibly dysfunctional group that somehow-usually-manages to make it work and pull it together to defeat the foe they are fighting before crumbling apart from within. They are not 'Canada's Avengers' or 'Canada's X-Men.' They could be located anywhere and still be fascinating because, like any good team, duo, or

CHAOS WAR: ALPHA FLIGHT #1 cover by Salva Espin
solo title, it's about the character and not the locale. That's what I am setting out to show. I've wanted to write these characters and show the world why this is the team that works, so I'm beyond thrilled that I'm getting to bring my knowledge and love of the characters to [this] book.

"This is my first event crossover, so it's been interesting to see the main book and the structure of the overall story and then work on how my story fits in organically," he continues. "What does it achieve for the team and how does it serve the larger story? Also, how could this move Alpha Flight forward? Those are all things I looked at when working on the one shot. And it's been another dream come true!"

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Marvel needs to make their "Canada" more like Canada. Half way across Alberta is not halfway across the country, and Alberta is Western Canada, not central (both mistakes are in Wolverine: The End #1). And if you're in central Alberta, say Edmonton area... you are not going to drive 14 hours to Vancouver 'cuz the crazy old guy in the woods needs a lift. Just a little research to make the minor details more believable, and to those who don't know, educational.Omega Flight was an awesome series as a tie-in to Civil War. I am willing to bet that this Alpha Flight series will not turn into an ongoing series as the Alpha Flight team is used like D-list villains. oh, wait... D-list characters is what this Chaos War thing is all about isn't it?


Please oh please oh please let this lead into a new, ongoing series. I was bummed when Omega Flight turned into a five-issue series, and I was super bummed when Alpha Flight vol 3 was not all that it was cracked up to be. And if Phil Jimenez is going to draw it, that's even better. Assuming it comes out on time (Astonishing X_Men anyone?)


Very happy to hear the news that Alpha Flight will be returning in some way. Defiantly picking this up just in support of the team.


Its about time a Alpha Flight fan is on the book. The other titles with Capt. Maple Leaf & Capt Cave man stunk. Omega Flight wasnt good either. But old John Bryne & even when Jim lee was abourd awesome. I will definetly be collecting this. Alpha Flight has a lot of fans & Im glad there coming back. I like the original roster, but enjoyed Vindacator,Wildchild,Box(mad jeff),Sasquatch,The twins,Talisman. It will be very interesting to see who survives this & if a title worthy of the fans respect launches.


I haven't bought any Marvel comics for the last four years, that is about to change. Finally Marvel has listened to us, the fans, and the original Alpha Flight is being brought back. Thank you.


Whooo-hooo! It's about time Marvel FINALLY listens to reason. The Original team returns. It only took them 3 failed spin-offs. Because of this announcement I'll actually be picking up Chaos War, even if it is overpriced. If this sells well and Marvel is SERIOUS about giving Jim more AF projects then they will once again have me collecting their books. Just be sure not to screw with us fans like you did with Omega Flight.