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Chaos War

Chaos War: Thor

J.M. DeMatteis shatters the God of Thunder's world with a healthy dose of chaos

By Jim Beard

This November, the Chaos War brings its brand of order-shattering apocalypse to the mighty God of Thunder, Thor! Legendary writer J.M. DeMatteis pens the two-issue CHAOS WAR: THOR limited series detailing the effects of the conflict on Asgard's favorite son.

In the story, the entity known as Glory goes head-to-head with Thor as the alien-god attempts to make all the Chaos King's dreams come horribly true.

"The thing that makes Glory so interesting-to me, at least-is the fact that he's not one single god: he's the embodiment of an entire pantheon," says DeMatteis. "Imagine if all the gods of Asgard were one being, contained within the body of Odin, and you'll get some sense of just how powerful

CHAOS WAR #4 cover by Dan Panosian
Glory is. Add to that the fact that he's the god of a race that lives a brutal existence of unending war and suffering. Glory is a reflection of the violence and struggle and madness of the people that worship him or her or it, depending on your perspective.

"In other words, he's not just powerful: he's mean, depraved. Cosmically mean and depraved. His view of life, the universe and everything is incredibly dark, brutal; tearing down Creation alongside Chaos is a no-brainer for Glory."

The writer's quick to point out that though the series' cast remains small, Thor will not be alone in his balancing of the scales against Chaos.

"The Thor and Glory elements are all about the big and cosmic," DeMatteis notes of the story. "There's an opening battle between the two that's pretty epic and [civilian] Becca is there to ground the story in humanity."

Speaking of humanity, DeMatteis admits there's an element to the Thunder God that makes the character tick for him, one that fuels his imagination for CHAOS WAR: THOR.

"What I love most about the character is the [Don] Blake-Thor metaphor: the human being who thinks he's something small and limited, yet, in truth, he's a god," he shares. "One of the most powerful beings in the universe. To me, that speaks to the truth about what we all are. We go through our lives creating limitations that often aren't there, believing the

CHAOS WAR: THOR #1 cover by Tommy Lee Edwards
worst about ourselves, when, really, each one of us contains the universe within us. We're so much more than we could ever imagine."

The humanity represented by Becca and the man inside the god stand as DeMatteis touchstones to the larger world of storytelling, one that he feel serves as the connection point with his readers on CHAOS WAR: THOR and all his other projects.

"To me, if the human element isn't there, the story's a failure," he explains. "That, as noted above, is why the Thor-Becca connection is the heart and soul of the story. But that very human connection also links up with that theme I mentioned when answering the question of what makes Thor work for me: the idea that within each one of us, no matter how small and limited we may seem, is a power beyond imagination."

DeMatteis' imagination will be aided by that of artist Brian Ching on the series.

"Brian's work is new to me, but what I've seen so far is terrific," says the writer. "He seems perfectly suited to both the cosmic and human elements of the project. I look forward to seeing what he does with the story."

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Finally got around to reading this 2-issue series and asolutely loved it. DeMatteis has brought real writing back to Thor. Though Thor is my favorite comic I frequently find myself getting less than the $4 value for the comic due to substandard writing. DeMatteis made both issues well worth $4.Most comics have foresaken writing for art like most movies foresake writing for special effects. But writing is what makes both great movies and great comics.I do hope that you bring him into the regular Thor series and not relegate him to side arcs.


I really hope you guys show off some real powerful things from these gods. marvel has been slacking for a real long time these days on display of power from the gods. Thor has showed off enough power at all after sealing his thor force in Mjolnir, Glory seems to be something real cool i hope he gives thor a run for his money.


whos the glory alien this comic is all about thor not some ailen


who is this glory ailen guy is the a new comic or contution?