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Chaos War

Chaos War: Ares

Mike Oeming returns to the God of War and brings him back from the great beyond

By Chris Arrant

You can't keep a good god down.

After being torn in half by The Sentry in the second issue of SIEGE, Ares seemed dead and gone. But in the Marvel Universe, Hades can be known to loosen its grip. Over the course of Chaos War this fall, Ares' old foe The Chaos King will be enlisting the God of War against his will, a struggle that will be expanded on in the five-issue CHAOS WAR: ARES limited series kicking off in October.

"Ares' struggle seems to be eternal, doesn't it," questions Mike Oeming, writer of the upcoming project as well as the 2006 ARES series that brought the character into the spotlight. "Struggling against his brother

Ares sketch by Mike Oeming
and parents for most of Marvel's history, and then struggling with himself to become a hero, now he's literally been torn in half and is struggling between life and death."

Opposing the Chaos King's army, which includes the reluctant Ares, will be Thor, Hercules and a host of others in an all-new God Squad. Ares has fought both with these gods and against them, and their history too runs deep.

"Without giving too much away, lets keep in mind that Ares is the brother of Hercules who is now shoulder-to-shoulder with Thor on the god level," explains Oeming. "Whatever Ares' final fate is, his struggles are sure to only escalate."

Although Ares died a warrior's death in Siege, he did leave behind his only son, Alexander. A god in his own right, Alexander has been a key player in the ongoing SECRET WARRIORS series as Phobos. When asked if Ares' family will play a role in this limited series, Oeming provided an energetic answer:

"Oh you can count on it. One of my first thoughts [for this story] was the family dynamic. We saw that in the original ARES limited series and we'll have more in this Chaos War spinoff."

For Oeming, this return to revive the War God once more in a way feels apropos.

"It totally feels like I'm coming full circle with Ares, especially after his death," says the writer. "I re-read what we did [in ARES] to get back into the character's mindset. One of the other things I did was to do some sketching to get my head back into the character."

Chaos War will pit the various pantheons of gods against one another. As he has explored similar ideas many times, Oeming has great enthusiasm about super heroes of mythical proportions.

"One of the problems with the pantheons and gods in the Marvel universe is often they felt a little too outside of Marvel's fiction, [which has] made them harder for readers to attach to," he explains. "Marvel has been working very hard at bridging that gap between the pantheons and the rest of the Marvel Universe. I think the THOR re-launch was a great example of that, and it continues here with Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente's

CHAOS WAR: ARES #1 cover by Marko Djurdjevic
writing on CHAOS WAR. I was honored to see how much of the first ARES [series] they used to set up [the event]. I'm very excited to see the future of the pantheons in Marvel's future."

Although it's already been confirmed he's coming back, Oeming will not be taking Ares' demise lightly.

"Ares' death was definitely the first domino in reinventing the character," says the writer. "I thought it was a good death too. Ares had some pivotal moments in SIEGE before the battle and then he kicked lots of butt; I love that I played a part in making Ares a bigger character, so I'm very interested, a tad bit emotionally attached to the character. I hope for the best for him after Chaos War. But who knows where the chips will fall for the God of War?"

Joining Oeming on CHAOS WAR: ARES will be Filipino artist Stephen Segovia. Although still under 25 years of age, Segovia has already made his mark on Marvel, including a recent stint on DARK WOLVERINE. One of the things Wolverine, Daken and Ares have in common is their penchant for battle, so the transition should be pretty easy, but Segovia has been studying hard for this gig.

"I'm doing some research about the gods that'll be in this story; there [are] so many that some I don't know too much about yet," explains Segovia. "I'm used to drawing super heroes, and now I'm taking on these gods so I've been preparing myself and coming up with an art style that will suit the story."

This story will be arguably Segovia's biggest work to date, and the partnership with Oeming, a skilled artist in his own right, has proven cause for Segovia to raise his game another notch.

"Seriously, it is very challenging and I am a bit nervous," Segovia notes. "When I first heard that Mike is going to write this, I was so nervous because readers might compare my visualization to his own, so I'm working hard to have my art up to the standards of his. In his scripts he lays out what he wants the art like generally, I've been studying the way

ARES: GOD OF WAR collection
he conceptualizes his storytelling for CHAOS WAR: ARES. It's really an honor to work with such a great artist like Mike Oeming."

Although Segovia might be a bit nervous about translating Oeming's script to comic form, the writer has faith his young artist.

"Steven is a great artist: the perfect balance of strong foundations and flair," he asserts. "In the script I engage the artist as much as possible. I'll try and find his strengths and play off of that so he can have the best time possible and do his best work. I can't wait to see it!"

Keep checking Marvel.com all week for more exciting Chaos War news and announcements!


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Ares is apart of life plus if u read the issue where he is talking to his son he says he will live & die & be reborn ,so it makes sense why he can come back but sentry he should stay dead .


Of course he's coming back. Nobody stays dead in comics except Uncle Ben (knock on wood). If you didn't know that, you haven't been paying attention. I'm just happy he's coming back through the guy who introduced him in the first place.


yayyyyy! That's the cool thing about comics, cool characters don't stay dead. They should have killed somebody else in Siege. Some of those insignificant lame &*%&&**@* characters they have in those insignificant books.


I'm with deadpool231172 with this one sentry bound to come back also and why does this all sound like blackest night please lets be more creative here guys


So another dead character coming back