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Curse of the Mutants

Jubilee Defeats The X-Men

September's X-Men #3 raises the stakes as Wolverine is defeated

X-MEN #3 preview art by Paco Medina
X-MEN #3 (JUL100621)
Penciled by PACO MEDINA
Variant Cover by PACO MEDINA
Rated T+ ...$3.99
On Sale - 9/9/10


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      i can't believe that marvel killed x men! they are one of the most popular marvel icons you know? and damn that's a really bad move to do! i just hope that this is a joke!how can x men be dead and just be a history.x men could easily bit those vampires if you think about it.


      This is what they always meant to do since wolverine first fight with the hulk. He was supposed to have a litter sister(maybe adopted) Join the X team that was a Vampire(mutant that was converted or a Mutant with Vampire powers)(that Wolverine Joins the team to have them Help him help her control her Powers so she did not eat anyone witch is what the School was for anyway helping dangerous mutants learn to to be safe around humans) but the idea was dropped.They thought Wolverine being to Violent would not be popular enough to just-fie having a Vampire sister. LOL They always meant to introduce her but never got around to it.So this is a Very old concept the revived.Took there time didn't they.So let's Be clear this has nothing to do with Twilight!! I could not let this stand Jubilee becoming a Vampire HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CRAPPY TWILIGHT!!! It was planned for years as the little sister idea was never fully dropped.And Jubilee was first introduced as a sort of little Sister to Wolverine.So my point is this was well planned For many years (to many) and not some stupid Fan service to Twilight fans. Juberilee was created in all likelihood to become the unwritten Vampire sister that they wanted to write but never got a chance to write.She got a injection before she was allowed to escape my guess is it was the untested cure (that failed when tested) And Scott will hit the button and Nanites will cure Wolverine but fail to save to Human Vampire Juberilee and Scott will have to offer to help her so wolverine does not kill him for using them and out of his own Guilt. Presto Vampire Xman who's the wolverine adopted Sister he was supposed to have when originally joins the x team that they always regretted not doing and always wanted but was never the right time. I REPEAT NOTHING TO DO WITH TWILIGHT!!!!


      I for one am enjoying this new threat. It's interesting to see them up against something other than the normal villains. It is also kept seperate from the other X-books which I like so the story can run well. I don't think it has ANYTHING to do with twilight which is old now and for the next 2 months, marvel is doing vampire variants on all books. Like they did with deadpool, zombies, monkeys and iron man variants. This is a great book and a great way to bring jubilee back and NOT viewed as a little brat anymore.


      this is the worst launching series for the x-men ever...an d I'm a huge fan of'em....but this??!!! Curse of the Mutants??!!! I mena..comm'n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did this just because all the twilight crp is on now???!!! bub, that's lame...you should have come up with something better for an Heroic Age for our beloved mutants :P