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Thor Movie

Asgard: A Visual Tour

You experienced the glory of Odin's throne first hand at SDCC 2010, now take a stroll through the Asgard of the comics!

By Marc Strom

Odin's throne at San Diego Comic-Con

Visitors to the Marvel Booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 had a chance to see the actual throne from the upcoming "Thor" film. And before that, we showed you a sneak peek at the throne room in the movie itself, with Sir Anthony Hopkins standing atop it as the mighty King Odin.

But Asgard from the Thor comics has its own rich visual history, with some of Marvel's best artists from the past four decades contributing towards making the city the most majestic site in the Marvel Universe.


To celebrate Asgard's roots in the comics, we here at Marvel.com have compiled a visual tour of the fabled city, from its first appearance in a Marvel comic to its current home in the middle of Broxton, Oklahoma.

So come with us as we walk through the immortal city's streets, where you never know which legendary figure you'll run into next!




Asgard's first appearance in a Marvel comic The first map of Asgard

Marvel readers first caught a brief glimpse of Asgard, and the rainbow bridge Bifrost, in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #85. As Thor's adventures progressed, fans got to know more and more about not only Asgard but many of its inhabitants, such as Odin, Sif, Balder and the Warriors Three.

The map above right, first printed in THOR ANNUAL #1, gave readers their first overall look at the larger city and its specific locales. With this to aid you, you can never claim you don't know the way to Warlock's Haven or the legendary Monument to the Unknown Warrior!


Asgard from afar

Long before we met Thor in the present day, however, Asgard sat at the seat of the Nine Realms. While its appearance has varied a bit over the millenia, this view of Asgard from afar from the time of Thor's youth offers us a perspective on how majestic the golden city has always been.


The courtyards of Asgard

Taking a closer look at the streets of Asgard, its inhabitants go about their regular lives much as any mortal person would, visiting the markets and talking with their neighbors while their children play. The architecture seems both elegant and sturdy, practical and ornate at the same time.


The Imperial Palace of Asgard Odin's throne room

At the heart of Asgard sits the Imperial Palace, pictured above left, which houses Odin's fabled throne room on the right. Within these halls the Allfather has determined the fate of many an immortal and mortal alike. Since age unknown Odin has sat at the head of Asgard, running the city as a benevolent and skilled leader.


Asgard in ruins

Asgard has had its share of dark times as well, as when Thor disappeared into another dimension following the evil Onslaught's attack. Upon returning to his own universe, the hero discovered his home in ruins. Thor would later liberate his father and fellow Asgardians from the Dark Gods, restoring Asgard to its past glories.


Modern day Asgard in Broxton, OK Asgard floating above Broxton, OK

Following the devastating Ragnarok, Thor recreated Asgard in the middle of Broxton, Oklahoma. Here, the resurrected Asgardians made their home after Thor revived each of them. The immortal Asgardians initially had troubles learning how to live amidst the mortal world, but Asgard has since become a fixture of Broxton. After the events of Siege, where the Void laid waste to the floating city, its inhabitants have begun the process of once again rebuilding their home.


Thor on the throne Odin on the thron A victorious Odin

Though Odin, now dead, no longer holds court in the throne room as King of Asgard, the seat of power still holds the majesty it's always possessed. The throne room from the "Thor" film pays tribute to its origins in the comics while giving fans and moviegoers an all-new visual feast, helping make Asgard one of the most mythic locales to ever grace the silver screen.


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