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Nextwave Coloring Contest Winners

Matthew Keegan's
winning page

We had to wrestle Dirk Anger atop a flaming, fur-covered zeppelin in order to get these, but FINALLY, here are the winning entries for the Nextwave Coloring Contest. Walking away with first place was Matthew Keegan, who scored a page of original NEXTWAVE art for his colossal coloring skills. The runners-up were Alex Sanchez, KnownStranger and Kamui (a.k.a. David Andreyev), who each recieved a NEXTWAVE coloring book with one page colored in by NEXTWAVE artists Stuart Immonen and Wade von Grawbadger and NEXTWAVE colorist Dave McCaig. The contest began May 24, 2006, when a variant edition of NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF HATE #5 was released. What was so special about this variant? It contained all of the art from the original comic, but with no color. This "Crayon Butchery Variant" encouraged fans to color in the pages and enter the contest, which ended July 7, 2006. Why the year-long delay? Those dastardly Agents of H.A.T.E! Evil incarnate, we say! Anyway, here are the 10 entries that made the cut. Check 'em out piece by piece or in a specially made Marvel.com Digital Comic!

Nextwave #5:
Coloring Contest
Digital Comic

Here is the official list of winners: 1. Matthew Keegan 2. Alex Sanchez 3. KnownStranger 4. Kamui (a.k.a. David Andreyev) 5. Askani 6. Ike Quigley 7. Bryan Galatis 8. Kelly Tindall 9. Till Felix 10. Jaye Frisina Whoops! When we originally posted this, we forgot to mention a key component in the NEXTWAVE Coloring Contest: Comic Book Resources! The good folks over at CBR hosted the original contest and came up with the awesome idea for it. Kudos, guys.



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