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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Loki

A posthumous look at the psyche of a god

By Tim Stevens

Please note: this client is currently reported as deceased. The release of these records to the individual known as Thor is consistent with the information the client filled out in regards to confidentiality and next of kin.

Loki presents as an adult male of thin, but physically fit appearance. He self identifies as the Norse god of the same name and claims to be (adopted) brothers with the Avenger known as Thor, who is also a member of this pantheon. He asserts that the Norse pantheon is real and that the rumors regarding Asgard now existing alongside Broxton, Oklahoma are, in fact accurate.

Loki's clothing for session certainly ran counter to typically acceptable means of dressing, with touches of armor and an incredibly ornate horned helmet atop his head. However, it appears that this is his typical form of dress and thus the writer did not investigate the matter further at that time.

The client had arrived in the office under the impression that the staff had mental health records related to Thor. After the writer's refusal to even discuss whether or not Thor had ever been in the office, the client became angry and threatening. When this tactic did not work, he attempted to cajole members of the staff into commenting with promises of gifts and power. Eventually, unfortunately, one of the staff did give in to temptation and disclosed whether or not Thor had a therapeutic relationship with anyone in the office. This staff member was immediately fired.

Despite the purpose of his visit having been accomplished, Loki stayed in the office and began to discuss himself. At first, it was grandiose posturing. He told the writer at length of his intelligence and the number of times he had outwitted everyone from his brother to his father, the god Odin, to trolls and frost demons. He seemed particularly delighted in a recent con in which he took the form of a woman which, despite everyone knowing it was him inside, seemed to disarm and confuse his opponents, a situation he found delightful.

However, as he continued, his levity and arrogance began to give way. He reported feeling ill at ease, throughout his existence, with this family. As an adopted child, he never felt as connected as he would have liked to his brother and father, commenting that it was always clear to him how much

his father preferred Thor.

The client bemoaned his reputation, pointing out many times he stood with his family, like opposing Surtur or manipulating the Egyptian god Seth so Thor could free Odin, and how these times were almost immediately forgotten. When it was pointed out to the client that he also often opposed his family, he became reactive and defensive. Eventually he threw up his hands and said, simply, "What do they expect of me? I am the God of Mischief. Who else could I be?"

Further discussion of this comment revealed a reservoir of resentment and feeling trapped. While he did enjoy outsmarting others, he felt that it was all he had to offer, all that made him unique. He confessed he might like to be a "good" god, but found it impossible to believe that anyone would truly allow him to. He concluded glumly that he would rather be occasionally happy in his current role than try to improve his stand amongst the Asgardians only to inevitably fail.

This was the first and only session, to date, that Loki has had with this writer. However, further research is available in LOKI #1 by Doctors Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Sebastian Fiumara, which is available for review on October 20.

LOKI #1 cover by Sebastian Fiumara
Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Practicum Trainee at a Federal Correctional Institute and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant.


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