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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Klaws of the Panther

Prepare for all-out war between the latest Black Panther and her predecessor's greatest foe

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

This week Klaw shrieks his way into the spotlight of our Unlimited Highlights to preface his dastardly deeds in the upcoming
KLAWS OF THE PANTHER #1, out on October 6. The psychotic master of sound takes on everyone from his eternal enemy, the King of Wakanda, to the Fantastic Four and even Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers! You're not going to want to miss these mind-blowing match-ups!


Every hero has a villain that pushes them further than any other. Klaw forced T'Challa into manhood by killing his father, T'Chaka, for the vibrainium contained within the Great Mound of Wakanda. A mere youth, T'Challa showed courage and daring, defeating the his nemesis all those years ago. But Klaw has returned to get his revenge on the King of Wakanda. Does the war-mongering maniac have enough firepower to depose The Black Panther and finish off his new-found allies, the Fantastic Four? Read and see!

AVENGERS #54 (1963)
Yet again the Masters of Evil hope to assault the Avengers in their home, this time by defeating them from the inside out! Somehow the sinister sextet has turned loyal butler Jarvis to the path of evil and injustice, and now the traitorous one helps to coordinate a plan of attack against his former employers. Klaw, Radioactive Man, Whirlwind, The Melter, and The Black Knight along with the mysterious Crimson Cowl, aim to bring down the do-gooders once and for all. But who's behind the Crimson Cowl, how has he brought these villains together, and for what final purpose?

BLACK PANTHER #29 (1998)
It's just another day in Manhattan, aside from the fact that The Black Panther, and his age-old enemy Klaw happen to be tearing up the city right down to the bedrock! Skyscrapers crack and crumble around them, but T'Challa won't be denied his revenge, and Klaw won't rest until he has the king's head on a platter. Meanwhile, The Panther might be responsible for a conflict brewing deep under the ocean, and unless he can finish off Klaw soon, Wakanda and Atlantis will find themselves at war!

It's the final showdown between T'Challa and his primordial foe, Ulysses S. Klaw. Funded by enigmatic outside sources who would see Wakanda fall, Klaw gathered a team to strike at the very heart of the jungle nation, the Great Mound, and systematically destroy Wakanda and The Black Panther. But the Rhino has fallen, Shuri battles The Radioactive Man within the Mound and now T'Challa means to finish off Klaw, once and for all. Witness a showdown that can't be missed!

As T'Challa recovers from his vicious defeat at the hands of the dastardly Doctor Doom, someone else must rise to the challenge and take up the mantle of The Black Panther.  But who will prove worthy?  Whoever , they had better talk to the Panther God pronto because Wakanda won't stand long against the forces pitted against her, or those opportunistic enemies that would see the Great Mound defiled and stripped of its vibranium, like Klaw. Who will be the next Black Panther?


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