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Wizard World Chicago 2007

Wizard World Chicago 2007: Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman to Breathe New Life into Killraven

By Eric Drumm

Rob Liefeld Killraven

Imagine the world has been taken over by aliens, and all of the Earth's mightiest heroes have fallen to them. Who will save us? A bearded freedom fighter named Killraven, that's who! Writer Robert Kirkman (IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN) and superstar artist Rob Liefeld (ONSLAUGHT REBORN) line up to bring us a grim, battle scarred future in 2008! A Marvel character from the 1970s, KILLRAVEN was set in a post-alien invasion future version of the Marvel Universe. Never really crossing over into the mainstream Marvel Universe despite a short-lived Marvel Knights series, KILLRAVEN has been on the shelf for quite some time-until now! The newest spin on the freedom fighter uses elements of Killraven's past, but is a stand-alone story. "This stuff is all-new, baby!" exclaims Kirkman. "Rob and I are known for our creator-owned works and for blazing new ground at Marvel by creating new characters or doing new takes on old concepts-and this is more of that. Rob and Rob, blazing new paths in comics. We're going to be using a lot of familiar stuff to Marvel fans, but along the way we'll see new characters and new concepts." Set in a desolate future, what can we expect to see? Surely, it will be Killraven hacking and slashing some alien bozos. However, it's a fight he may not be fighting alone, according to Kirkman. "It's firmly set in the Marvel Universe-and it's basically Killraven, who we all know and love, but different, using the artifacts of the Marvel U. to form the Avengers of the FUTURE-to take down the Martians who overthrew Earth years ago," says Kirkman. Future Avengers? That certainly opens up the doors of opportunity. To bring the chaos to life, Rob Liefeld is charged with drawing badass alien fighters, sick battles and some fresh yet familiar looking characters. Kirkman says that Liefeld is killing it on this book, and that fans should be excited to see some slick art.

Rob Liefeld Killraven
interior art

"This is Rob at his best," he beams. "Rob's told me, drawing Captain America, Iron Man and the rest-that's a hoot and a half, but he really gets his jollies doing new costumes and new variations on the established stuff-and this is that. Killraven's in a new costume, we've got an Iron Man guy, but he's different. Thor's different. That's the stuff Rob is the best at. Killraven is really a tour de force for Rob." With a double dose of Robs, KILLRAVEN is shaping up to have quite a few thrills and kills. Bringing the post-apocalyptic noise, the Robs are cooking up a story that could thrust KILLRAVEN back on the Marvel radar. Kirkman says that the book is firing on all pistons from the get-go, so you had best hold on tight. "Issue #1 is a real page turner-it starts with a Martian gladiator wielding Cap's shield trying to kill our hero and just never stops from there. Killraven is on the run through the Marvel U. and I think it'll be pretty shocking who he bumps into along the way. Anyone who's into plot twist-laden thrill rides and cool cliffhanger endings is going to really dig this book. I'd hate to ruin anything here. Just wait until you see the Helicarrier!" Helicarrier? In the future? With gladiators? Yes, and with tough-looking beards. Join the fight for freedom with KILLRAVEN by Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld in 2008.



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