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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev's Daredevil

Catch up with a classic run on the Man Without Fear

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

This week DAREDEVIL BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS & ALEX MALEEV ULTIMATE COLLECTION BOOK 2 smashes it's way into your local comic book shop.  Here in Highlights we're giving you but a taste of the amazing amount of awesome you'll find in the book, so be sure to pick it up after you're through!

DAREDEVIL #41 (1998)
A runaway truck nearly strikes Milla Donovan down in the street, but a certain scarlet swashbuckler swings her out of harms way. For Milla, it's love at first sight, or smell rather, because like Matt Murdock she's blind. This daring rescue sets the stage for a tumultuous and tragic romance between the Kitchen's most eligible attorney and the beautiful Milla, but can Matt afford to have a new lady in his life when so many other have endured hardship for loving him?

DAREDEVIL #44 (1998)
Ever since Matt Murdock got outed as Daredevil, his life has become infinitely more complex. Add to the mix a new girlfriend and a psychotic enemy looking to put the crimson crusader on ice, and you've got a tale to remember! The Owl wants DD out of his hair for good and will go to any lengths to ensure the Hell's Kitchen hero's imminent demise, and that means tons of trouble for Matt and Milla. Can their young relationship survive The Owl's coming onslaught? Can they survive, period?

DAREDEVIL #46 (1998)
Matt and Milla just want to go on one normal date; one with no cops accusing Matt of murder, no crazy paparazzi ambushing the couple, and no super villains looking to bash anybody's skull in. But with Wilson Fisk back in New York City, the two lovebirds and a happy ending don't stand a chance. So cue one of Daredevil's most insane enemies, the depraved pyrokinetic called Typhoid Mary!  She's going to make sure Matt and Milla have a hot date--and they'll be lucky if she doesn't burn them to cinders!

DAREDEVIL #49 (1998)
Bullseye has a thing for the ladies in Daredevil's life.  He just can't seem to keep his hands--or his blades--off of them, and Milla's next on his hit list. But Matt refuses to lose another woman to his ultra-accurate archenemy, and when Bullseye does make his move, DD intends to take him down for good. What follows can only be described as a savage, no holds barred street fight in the middle of Hell's Kitchen! Will either man survive?

DAREDEVIL #56 (1998)
One year ago, Daredevil became the Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, beating Wilson Fisk within an inch of his life. Then he cleaned the crime right out of his home, his fists and billy clubs sending a message to every thug, drug dealer, and super villain that "Hell's Kitchen belongs to the Daredevil." But now that crime's spilling over into the other boroughs and the rest of New York's heroes aren't too pleased. Now they intend to send a message of their own to the Man Without Fear.


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