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Avengers vs Pet Avengers: Man's Best Friends

Chris Eliopoulos prepares Lockjaw and company to team with their Avengers counterparts against a dragon invasion

AVENGERS VS PET AVENGERS #1 black and white preview art by Ig Guara
By Chris Arrant

When dragons overrun New York City, who do you look to for help? Don't look to the Avengers-they were the first victims-but count on the Pet Avengers!

In the four-issue limited series AVENGERS VS PET AVENGERS from writer Chris Eliopoulos and artist Ig Guara beginning October 20, Earth's Mightiest Pets come heed the call when the Avengers find themselves transformed into helpless frogs and an army of dragons descends upon the city. Who has marshaled such a fearsome force to oppose our heroes?

"Fin Fang Foom is the leader," reveals Eliopoulos. "The dragons have been underground for centuries and now it's time for them to return to he skies. But they are after something under ground that's still there. I can't say what because it would kind of ruin the story, but getting to that thing is causing destruction all over the globe. They are in a race against time and those humans and pets are getting in the way."

Captain America, Iron Man and Thor may be under-foot than in the way, thanks to what happened in the recent DOGS OF SUMMER one-shot released earlier this year.

"When the Avengers Prime went to investigate the destruction Foom was causing, he turned them into frogs," Eliopoulos explains. "A logical response, I think."

AVENGERS VS PET AVENGERS #1 black and white preview art by Ig Guara
So with the super hero first line of defense having frog legs, it falls to their animal counterparts to save the day. However, the Pet Avengers do have a dragon on their own, Lockheed, on the team, and allegiances could be questioned as his kind invades Earth.

"That will be the big question [of the series]," Eliopoulos says. "In a lot of ways, this is Lockheed's story. He has a big decision to make. Stand with his teammates or those who are like him. The Pet Avengers may not like his choice."

This uneasiness factors into the team's dynamic a great deal; with cats and dogs already known to fight like cats and dogs, what happens when you add in a frog, a dragon and a falcon?

"[It's] a little disjointed," admits Eliopoulos. "You have so many different personalities that it's not always easy. I look at bands like the Beatles who were brilliant together, but their individual quirks and egos just made it impossible to work together at times, but when they did, they were amazing. I think the Pet Avengers are like that."

While that group might have some friction, the creative team putting the book together does not. Marvel has reunited the full crew from past Pet Avengers outings with Eliopoulos, artist Ig Guara, colorist Chris Sotomayor and editor Nathan Cosby all reporting once again for duty. For their third outing, this well-trained team remains remarkably well-behaved according

AVENGERS VS PET AVENGERS #1 black and white preview art by Ig Guara
to Eliopoulos.

"Well, after getting the whole team back for the second series, PET AVENGERS: UNLEASHED, I thought I was so lucky," he gushes. "But to get a third chance to tell stories with two guys as talented as Ig and Chris and an editor as fun and helpful as Nate means I'll be paying back the karma police for years to come. It's a great gift to take this Pet Avengers journey with these guys and hope I keep getting to work with them in the future."

Speaking of the future, readers won't have to wait too long for AVENGERS VS PET AVENGERS, as it's set to debut just two weeks before Halloween. Although Marvel hasn't released a line of costumes for your favorite pet-yet-the inventive Eliopoulos has already dreamt up one he'd like to see.

"I want to see Nate Cosby dress up his bulldog, Daffy, as honorary Pet Avenger 'Puppy,'" says the writer. "All he'd need was a little tuning fork for her forehead."

It should come as no surprise that Eliopoulos himself has a pet that he found a way to work into the series.

"I had a Maltese dog that Ms. Lion is based on," he shares. "She was the most loving pet in the world, but really dopey in that lovable way that pets can be."

Although he snuck a dog into PET AVENGERS, the writer finds a pet of a different persuasion to be closer to his own personality.

"I wish I could say I had the nobility and leadership and webbed feet of Throg, but mostly I'm like Hairball," Eliopoulos confesses. "I moan about everything. I complain and always figure everything is a mess."

But one thing he won't moan about: the success of the Pet Avengers. Since kicking off the team in 2009, he has now written three series featuring the characters and can't wait for more.

"I have so much fun writing these guys," says Eliopoulos. "Every time a page comes in from artist Ig Guara, I get so happy. And then when Chris Sotomayor turns in colored pages, it's like getting an extra birthday present! It's such a great job and I'm so grateful that so many people like the book, were willing to give it a chance and that Marvel is willing to keep putting this out."


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