PREVIEW: Captain America: Patriot #2

This is the story of a man who was a great Patriot, and his determination to be something more.



COVER BY: Mitch Breitweiser
WRITER: Karl Keser
PENCILS: Mitch Breitweiser
Mitch Breitweiser
COLORED BY: Elizabeth Breitweiser
LETTERED BY: Jared Fletcher

What does it take to be the living symbol of America... the Sentinel of Liberty... the Super-Soldier of World War II? What does it take to be CAPTAIN AMERICA? 1941. Captain America puts on his mask and shield for the first time-- and instantly inspires an entire nation, including Jeff Mace-- a rough-and-tumble reporter who quickly dons his own star-spangled suit and calls himself the PATRIOT! It's a decision that will take him from stopping stateside saboteurs... to headlining the home front heroes known as the Liberty Legion... to the most unexpected offer of all... ...When the Sentinel of Liberty dies and Jeff Mace is asked to be the NEXT CAPTAIN AMERICA! This is the story of a man who was a great Patriot, and his determination to be something more. His attempt to be not just a hero, but a symbol. His struggle to show he has what it takes to be CAPTAIN AMERICA! Rated A

PRICE: 3.99
IN STORES: September 29, 2010


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PATRIOT is FRIENDS WITH THE ORIGINAL HUMAN TORCH,TORO,ANGEL & SUB-MARINER( and JACK CASEY is THEIR FRIEND TOO---HUMAN TORCH #5b(Fall/41)First story[ ]reprinted in TIMELY PRESENTS:HUMAN TORCH#1(2/99)[ ]. I find it hard to believe that NONE OF THE PATRIOT'S FRIEND would try to RESTORE HIS REPUTATION by IMPERSONATING HIM the way IRON-FIST IMPERSONATED DAREDEVIL[ Daredevil vol.2#82-87 ]. You can't tell me there wasn't some kind of crisis that someone dressed like the PATRIOT( Angel or Sub-Mariner ) could resolve that would have won back the hearts of the American people( after all he didn't do anything wrong other than TELL HIS FRIEND( who isn't suppose to be dead--unless he isn't the same Casey in the Website below )).


I was glad that the PATRIOT was made as popular as CAPTAIN AMERICA[ ]---thanks to that CLARK KENT( JEFF MACE ),LOIS LANE( MARY MORGAN ) & JIMMY OLSEN( JACK "FLASHGUN" CASEY ) trinity the PATRIOT had going for himself,that was inevitable. I just wish he had been made more CONFIDENT IN HIMSELF and that the GREEN-FACE MAN/GREEN-FACE( Rolf Reibel )[ Marvel Mystery Comics#28(2/42)Patriot story]had been turned into his answer to the RED SKULL or that OTHER TIMELY COMICS VILLAINS HAD BEEN ADDED TO HIS ROGUES GALLERY OF FOES or that the LIBERTY LEGION HAD THE OTHER TIMELY HEROES AS MEMBERS.