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Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing: Spider-Man: Big Time

Dan Slott and Steve Wacker discuss a new career for Peter Parker, new foes for Spidey and more to come

By Robyn Bremner with Ben Morse

With "Brand New Day" almost over, every Spider-Man fan has been wondering the same thing: What's next for Peter Parker?  Today, new solo AMAZING SPIDER-MAN writer Dan Slott and his editor Steve Wacker gave us a glimpse into Spidey's new world.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648 preview art by Humberto Ramos
Starting with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648, Slott and artist Humberto Ramos will be taking Peter Parker to the "Big Time." This means bigger threats, bigger guest stars and bigger opportunities. "Big Time" will see the book expand from 22 pages to 30, with some issues devoting full space to Spidey himself, while others will feature back-up tales set in the broader world of Peter Parker. New titles SPIDER-GIRL and OSBORN will also fall under the "Big Time" banner.

One of the major changes ahead for Peter will be a full-time career in the place of his previous job-hopping. Slott and Wacker confirmed that this new professional avenue would relate to Peter's scientific expertise and the door would be opened by another prominent Marvel character. Slott noted that Peter has always been one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe, but he's been scrambling, living paycheck to paycheck while Tony Stark and Reed Richards lived comfortably off of their work. 

"This guy, when he was in high school, created the world's strongest epoxy and a way to fire it in web form," Slott states.

Slott promised that AMAZING SPIDER-MAN would feature a mix of new and old threats, as well as villains Spider-Man has not historically opposed, not to mention a slew of supporting characters. Peter's career will provide a new cast to pull from. This doesn't mean that the classic characters like Flash Thompson, Betty Brant, Glory Grant and J. Jonah Jameson will be vanishing though, nor will recent introductions such as Carlie Cooper.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648 preview art by Humberto Ramos
"Big Time" will also show Spider-Man's connection to the wider Marvel Universe. Peter has been part of the Avengers and friends with the Fantastic Four, and both teams will front and center. 

"It's great," professes Slott of being able to bring other Marvel heroes into AMAZING SPIDER-MAN on an ongoing basis. "Spidey has always worked with many people, made many friends [and] this book is in the center of the Marvel Universe. In the first few arcs we'll see the Avengers and Fantastic Four, plus a new hero will debut as well."

On the topic of his new artistic collaborator, Slott praised Ramos for bringing a touch of reality to the fantastic world of Spider-Man:

"The characters look like people you know; they are all shapes, sizes and colors!" 

Among the first bad guys Spider-Man will face during "Big Time" will be a new Hobgoblin with a fresh look and amped-up technology that sets him apart from his Goblin brethren. Slott promises "The first time you see him, we will show you who's behind the mask."

Peter will also have a new serious love interest, which Slott says will be revealed prior to the start of "Big Time."

"It is always fun to see Peter in a relationship," the writer contends. "Where is this going to go? We are going to see stuff we haven't seen in the book for a long time. How does [Peter's ex Mary Jane Watson] fit into all this?  She is a part of the cast, and there are plans for her."

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648 preview art by Humberto Ramos
In regards to missing the Webheads writing team he counted himself a part of for "Brand New Day," Slott expressed mixed emotions:

"I will always miss being in there and reading the others' scripts and bouncing ideas off the other writers; it was like going back to school, seeing how Fred Van Lente structured this. So I will miss that. What I am excited about is that a character will reveal something to you as a writer, through the organic process of writing the story; I would discover these things, but then I wouldn't be able to explore that for three months. It's still a team effort, working with [artists] Humberto Ramos, Stefano Caselli and Marcos Martin [as well as] editor Steve Wacker and assistant editor Tom Brennan."


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      Webspidrman member

      I'm not liking the "change-up" in Spidey's powers so far at all. Right now it just feels like they're making him weaker and less spider-like. Ideally, i could see giving him (or giving him back) an additional power like organic webbing, but taking his biological powers away? Giving Spidey tech as the basis of his powers doesn't set well with me either. The biology of Spider-Man is what sets him apart in pop culture from other superheroes like Batman and Superman. Spidey can't be just a man; he also needs to be a spider. I hope Mr. Slott realizes this. I only hope that this just a set up for something that is new and better.


      This is a flashy new arc/beginning/era being heralded here. Mildly inviting/interesting.....Ramos artwork is cartoony and satirical looking, which I don't like, but I've seen worse unfortunately! I just hope that the "plans for MJ" are to reinstate her rightful status in Peter's life after the debacle of OMIT. Personally I'm on the edge of giving up ASM over this issue of MJ.... Jon


      Oh yeah i'm also looking forward to it and glad to see Black Cat is getting more time in the comics they need to do her more than they usually do I just love seeing it and yeah im happy waiting OS get finished so I can i'm so happy about it


      This is so awesome. im really looking forward to this!!!!!


      its about time Marvel did this. Its gotten real old real fast with the people of New York always saying Spider-Man is a villain. I mean come on they see him on the Avengers fighting side by side with Thor,Iron man, and Cap. Time to change that forever. Or at least the next five years. Haha


      YAY!!! Dan is going to make it exciting for me to pick up this title again! I used to go to my LCS and think to myself (Oh great! I wonder what piece of garbage I'll pick up to day in ASM!)


      Finally! Dan is going to make it exciting for me so now I can finally go buy ASM from LCS without thinking, (Oh, great! I wonder what piece of garbage story I'll be picking up to day in Amazing Spiderman!) so thank god for you Dan!