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Fightin' Fanboys

Fightin' Fanboys: Dashing Cody Rhodes

World Wrestling Entertainment's resident heartthrob provides grooming tips to Marvel characters in need

Photos © 2010 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

By Arune Singh & James Viscardi

Some heroes possess great strength from birth, while others enjoy the aptitude for success Cody Rhodes lucked out with both-and he's got looks as well.

One of World Wrestling Entertainment's fastest rising superstars, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes gets his pedigree from his Hall of Famer father, former World champion Dusty Rhodes, and recently received the accolade of being voted the best-looking wrestler in WWE by the gorgeous Divas. The second generation grappler took the time recently to speak with Marvel.com about how members of the Marvel Universe could become more dashing, as well as share his thoughts on recently capturing the WWE Tag Team championship.

Cody Rhodes
"It's a big responsibility but also very exciting," says Rhodes of his title win with partner Drew McIntyre. "It's very cool to see the new championship belts, with the bigger copper Spartans on the front, especially now that we're one of the first teams to hold [them]. Teaming with Drew not only gives me someone to look out for, but someone to look out for me as we take the belts to WWE Smackdown on SyFy. We get to start fresh on October 1 and Drew's a great guy to do that with because he's my age and he's one of the new faces of both Smackdown and WWE."

Rhodes admits that both his swagger and new attire owe much to his lifetime of Marvel fandom.

"When I put my boots on, I want to feel invincible-I want to feel 10-feet tall and bullet proof, like so many super heroes," he reveals. Being a Marvel fan certainly influences my gear choices. Now I've got gun metal boots and a black jacket specifically designed by Robert Adams with hints of Ultimate Angel. It's influenced by the character-nothing you might see right away but it's there."

If you've never seen Cody Rhodes in the ring or his unique ring entrance, you might not know what he means when he calls himself "Dashing."

"'Dashing' is the proper combination of grooming tips and birthright," Rhodes explains. "Not everyone can be dashing. Certainly men can be handsome, women can be pretty, but there's an upper echelon-and I don't know anyone else who calls themselves 'dashing.' It might just be me in that upper echelon. One thing I have applied in my matches across the board and will continue to apply on Smackdown on SyFy, is that you

Cody looks over the WWE Universe
have to protect your face. How many Marvel characters just take one to the choppers every issue you read? That's an extreme no-no in my book. You won't get anywhere near my face."

Rhodes pays close attention to the accessories carried by characters in the Marvel Universe. While his tag team championship belt certainly ranks among the most prestigious-and dare we say, "Dashing"-prizes in the WWE Universe, Rhodes has his eye on what he considers the top piece of bling in the Marvel Universe.

"Sure, the Infinity Gauntlet and Ultimate Nullifier are more powerful, but in terms of what's the most dashing, there's only one answer: the ruby quartz visor worn by Cyclops," insists Rhodes. "I was thinking of Marvel characters who have good fashion and those who don't-Cyclops has always been a frontrunner in terms of good fashion. When he gets too out there he brings it back with the classic look and the ruby quartz visor is the constant. That would be one of the best things to get my hands on."

With Rhodes already thinking about the Marvel Universe in terms of what's dashing, Marvel.com decided to get his point of view on some of the most popular comic book characters out there, as well as a few of his personal favorites. On WWE Smackdown, Rhodes regularly provides grooming tips for the WWE Universe but now, for the first time, he tackles the Marvel Universe.

First: Wolverine, X-Man, Avenger and leader of Uncanny X-Force.

"Honestly, he's been at the forefront of everything for so long that I think he's only got two choices. He can go back to the brown suit, which he seems to go to when he needs to freshen things up. Or he can take a real risk and add the cat whiskers back on. He's been out there and needs something to shock the Marvel fashionistas. But as for the hair, you can't do anything-if you take away the hair and the crazy chops, who would that be? He sure wouldn't be Wolverine."

Next up, the hero Rhodes calls his favorite: Archangel, currently a member of both the X-Men and Uncanny X-Force.

"I'm not sure what I could do for Archangel, to be honest. I think he does need to decide who he is: Angel or Archangel, Horseman of Death? With his recent foray into X-Force, he's changed his color scheme quite a bit and looks great, but I hope he doesn't drop the blue skin. But Archangel himself doesn't need help, especially when as Warren Worthington he's got fashion down pat. I was re-reading 'X-Cutioner's Song' the other day and when he shows up he's looking he absolute best he could look."

When you talk Archangel, it's hard not to also think of the man who transformed him: the villainous Apocalypse. Rhodes has some grooming tips for the would-be ruler of Earth.

"I think he should make an across the board change to the Age of Apocalypse look. I think he looks good with the red in his costume and should throw on more red. The big, creepy lips still work for him. That's just Apocalypse, y'know?"

Few heroes more have a higher profile than Iron Man right now, and Rhodes has quite an opinion about the Armored Avenger.

"Tony Stark is fine. He's obviously had people dressing him for quite some time. Iron Man, on the other hand, is not so fine. Iron Man doesn't really match up with the name-he looks more like

Iron Man
'technology man' now. I think Iron Man could use a trip down memory lane and return to the square visor, colored chest protector. I think he's due for a return to the classic look."

In the case of Thor, the mighty Avenger, Rhodes feels that he's got it all right-except for one detail.

"Thor, like Wolverine, has been at the forefront of the Marvel Universe and might just need to change it up by doing something shocking-like giving his godly locks a haircut. Think of the way Chris Jericho left WWE and the way he returned; a good Bon Jovi trim shows you have the hair and are willing to style it,

but you don't want to rock it like you're in an 80's hair band. This may not help Thor, but it definitely wouldn't hurt him."

When it comes to the worst of the worst, at least in regards to their levels of "Dashing," there's one group that sticks out to Rhodes: Spider-Man's rogues gallery.

"Spider-Man's rogues are some of the worst dressed ever. In particular, Mysterio just kills me. It's not the fishbowl that bothers me, it's the suit that accompanies the fishbowl. I actually think Mysterio is in need of a Hugo Boss two-button and can keep the

fishbowl, maybe in a slightly condensed form. But Mysterio can't go anywhere like he's dressed now. He can't rob a bank and do a museum heist in that outfit at all. Some characters have a little bit of walking room; Mysterio has none."

As for the most "Dashing" of Marvel characters, Rhodes' answer might surprise you:

"It's gotta be Mister Sinister. He has it better than anybody. That cape is so him-the popped collar that goes with it is classic. He's probably responsible for a number of young people today popping their Lacoste polo collars. They probably don't know it, but he's

Mister Sinister
what led them to do it. That large collar falling back onto the eclectic, streamer cape-Mister Sinister has it all. Hands down."

You can catch "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and his grooming tips every week on Smackdown, each Friday beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern Time and on SyFy starting this week.

For more on Cody, Smackdown and this Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, visit WWE.com.


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I'm surprised Cody didn't call out Spidey. Why is he so hated by J.J? Maybe because he swings around New York wearing red and blue, which would be Boston Red Sox colors.