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New York Comic Con 2010

NYCC 2010: Astonishing Captain America

Andy Diggle and Adi Granov prep a special kind of adventure for the Star-Spangled Avenger

By Kevin Mahadeo

The Astonishing line of titles gets a tad more patriotic next summer when writer Andy Diggle teams with artist Adi Granov for the five-issue limited series ASTONISHING CAPTAIN AMERICA, placing the shield-wielding hero of WWII in a brand new war of today.

"It's a high-tech 'tough-guy on a mission' story," explains Diggle. "Adi and I were both keen to play up the 'super soldier' angle, so you can expect a kind of quasi-sci-fi 'Where Eagles Dare' vibe. You don't need a whole team of commandos when you've got Steve Rogers. He's an army of one."

When it came to figuring out his approach to writing the Sentinel of Liberty, Diggle says that rather than draw inspiration from previous takes on the character, he tried to look for something never seen before, something new to both him and readers.

"I'm more influenced by the approaches I haven't seen so much of, to be honest," admits the writer. "We've seen Steve Rogers the super hero [and] Steve Rogers the Avenger, but I wanted to see more of Steve Rogers the 21st century soldier."

Diggle's focus of late has been on the DAREDEVIL ongoing series, featuring a lead character much darker than Steve Rogers.

"It's a breath of fresh air," says Diggle of ASTONISHING CAPTAIN AMERICA. "Matt Murdock's world is so dark and claustrophobic, so wrapped up in guilt and remorse, it's nice to step back out into the light and deal with a character who just views every problem as a mission to complete. Steve Rogers is a practical guy. I like that about him. He doesn't wallow in angst."

Diggle calls Granov's design sense "second to none" and admits that than the artist provided much more to the title than just jaw-dropping pencils and strong layouts.

"The first thing I did was drop him a line and ask if there was any particular subject matter he'd like me to include, and his input played a big part in shaping the story," recalls the writer. "Much of the action takes place in snowy Russian wastes with these hulking post-Soviet war machines, and you can just imagine how beautifully Adi brings that kind of stuff to life."

As one last tease, Diggle warns readers to prepare themselves to their minds blown come next summer when the first issue of ASTONISHING CAPTAIN AMERICA arrives in comic shops everywhere:

"It's going to tear [their] world apart and make them question the very nature of reality itself. And that's just issue #1!"

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Makes you wonder? Will Steve Rogers be regaining the shield before the movie this summer. The non-Marvelites have are going to be so confused if they pick up a regular copy of Captain America. I don't see things panning out very well for Bucky.