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New York Comic Con 2010

NYCC 2010: Astonishing X-Men

Daniel Way and Jason Pearson take Astonishing X-Men to Monster Island as the title's new creative team

By TJ Dietsch

The groundbreaking ASTONISHING X-MEN undergoes a new mutation next February as writer Daniel Way and artist Jason Pearson become the title's new regular creative team with issue #36 with super secret plans for the Marvel Universe's premiere mutants.

"Let's just say the X-Men go to Japan because it's what they do; both for those whom they protect, and for one another," Way teases.

While previous trips to Japan have included ninja attacks and glimpses into Wolverine's history, this excursion pits the X-Men against aspects of Marvel's history: giant creatures on the run from Monster Island.

"With Jason Pearson handling the art I just had to go with the biggest and the best [Marvel monsters]: Monstro, Fin Fang Foom-hell, all of 'em," says the writer.

But what on Earth could spook some of the largest, most powerful and terrifying beings on the planet to the point where they needed to flee from home?

"Extinction," Way answers in a word. "And that puts the X-Men in a very compromised position because they're dealing with the exact same issue.

But all, of course, is not as it seems."

A fan of Marvel monster comics, Way got some help in the research department from a local comic shop owner.

"Cliff Biggers, the owner of Dr. No's Comics in Marietta, Georgia let me comb through his collection of classic monster comics for research," he shares. "I guess I always liked them because of how utterly bizarre they were but it wasn't until recently that I began to appreciate how incredible the art was in those books, and how timely and well-crafted a lot of the stories were."

Way doesn't just dig the monsters he'll be tackling, though; he also has a lot of respect for previous ASTONISHING X-MEN writers Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis.

"It's more of an honor, really, because I'm a huge fan of those guys, and of this series."

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This has got to be the most disappointing news I've heard in a long time. I can only hope this four issue stint is just filler while the next creative team gets things going. The heart of Astonishing would be the characters and the way the previous writers have brough out each of their voices, droping the cast to half its members and giving it a writer who isnt really known for dialogue or character interaction just sounds like bad news.