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New York Comic Con 2010

NYCC 2010: Ultimate Captain America

Jason Aaron and Ron Garney enter the Ultimate Universe and introduce a new kind of Captain America to face Steve Rogers

By TJ Dietsch

The team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney will be shifting their focus to tackle Ultimate Captain America in his very own four issue limited series launching in February of 2011.

"Cap is trying to put a halt to a sudden proliferation of Super Soldier programs around the world and winds up reopening a mystery the U.S. government would prefer stayed forgotten: Whatever happened to the Captain America of the Vietnam War?" Aaron asks rhetorically.

Much like his Marvel Universe counterpart, the Captain America role in the Ultimate Universe got filled temporarily while Steve Rogers lay dormant following World War II. So what can Aaron say about this mysterious other Cap?

"He was a kid very much like Steve Rogers," the writer explains. "[He was]

ULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 black and white preview art by Ron Garney
a patriotic soldier who would sacrifice anything in service to his country. But the war he fought was very different than the one that gave birth to the original Cap. And at some point, he decided he'd been betrayed by his own government and then just disappeared into the jungle. Nobody's seen him since. Not until now."

Steve Rogers won't be the only familiar face-or name-popping up in ULTIMATE CAPTAIN AMERICA.

"The Vietnam War Cap is a character Marvel U fans will recognize, though one that hasn't been seen in the Ultimate U before," Aaron reveals. "We'll also see a bit of Carol Danvers and Hawkeye from the Ultimates."

Fans will also recognize Garney and his distinctly bold and kinetic art style. Aaron appreciates working with the artist again after the pair's past collaborations.

ULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 black and white preview art by Ron Garney
"Ron, as ever, is amazing," Aaron crows. "He's one of my favorite artists I've ever worked with, and I think he's continuing to do the best work of his already amazing career. I'm just glad to have snagged him again."

With a new character to write, a favorite artist to work with and a whole new universe to explore, Aaron's excited for this project.

"They're both great sandboxes," he says of the Marvel and Ultimate Universes. "This one's just a little more exclusive. It's great. I got to write the Marvel U Steve Rogers a bit in the pages of WOLVERINE: WEAPON X and now I get to work with the Ultimate U version. In my mind, this is a tough and nasty little modern-day war story. A story that explores America's legacy and differing views of what the country really stands for. It's been a lot of fun to throw Ultimate U Cap up against this darker, more jaded version of himself."

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      Frank Castle has already been in the UMU jus' not very much. He did briefly show up in Ultimate Spiderman.


      I think it will be the ultimate u version of John Walker (original super patriot/u.s.agent)


      This sounds very interesting. I like Ultimate Cap and I wonder who this could be? Possibly Frank Castle. Maybe someone all new. I would love to see who it ends up being. Keep up the good work fellas.