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New Excalibur #23: God Save the Queen

England's in trouble. Who ya gonna call?

By Eric Drumm Those darn magic artifacts are always causing trouble. In the pages of NEW EXCALIBUR, the use of one of these mystical devices has plunged England into a technologically de-evolved zone. Without the tech to support their way of life, Britons are in a frenzy, not to mention the war that is raging between Excalibur and Albion across the streets of London. Imagine that your TV, your Xbox, your subway and the fridge were rendered as paperweights in an instant. Now imagine that happens to your entire island nation instantly. That's the plight that Englanders currently have on their hands. On the verge of mass hysteria, a throwdown between evil Captain Britains and an alternate X-team would only throw gas on the flames. "The team is in a rough patch right now," explains EXCALIBUR Assistant Editor Will Panzo. "The power in Britain is gone and Albion has established himself as the country's savior. This is a war. And as we've seen with the deaths of certain Shadow-X members, there will certainly be casualties." Victory can't be achieved without a few casualties, and that is how Albion is approaching his goal of restoring Britain to its ancient glory. Claiming that he wants to lead the English people as opposed to ruling them, the measures he has taken has spilled quite a bit of blood. Leaders don't usually intentionally kill their own people, so Excalibur and Co. are intent on stopping him. However, could it be that Albion's intentions are noble, yet his actions evil? "His means are drastic. And they're evidence of Albion's philosophy," says Panzo. "He comes from a war-ravaged world where tough times call for tougher measures. When faced with Roma's offer of the sword or the amulet, he chose the sword and that choice helped in his fight for his homeworld. I don't know that he sees himself as a villain, just a man who is doing what he feels needs to be done. Ultimately, that conviction is what makes him dangerous." A man with a strong conviction can in fact be terribly dangerous (Magneto, anyone?) Leading the charge against Albion and his henchmen are Dazzler, Juggernaut, the ultra cool Pete Wisdom and a rapidly depleting Shadow-X (Cyclops and Beast got iced already). Taking the lead, Dazzler is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore. In full tilt tough mode, she's taking the crew further into a fight that has already claimed a few lives. With England in a meltdown, Sage hacking up good guys and a whole mess of Captain Britons, it seems like they aren't exactly at an advantage. However, Will Panzo says that they have the true grit to fight to the last man. "They definitely plan to fight till the end. Even if that means some of them won't be left standing." A pile of dead alternate X-Men, being severely outnumbered and the entire British isle thrust back into the stone age, Excalibur isn't having a good day. Can they stop Albion's madness before England tears itself apart? What will it take to stop the insanity? "The battle for the future of Britain itself!" screams Will Panzo, almost choking on his tea and crumpets. Fly your Union Jack and check out EXCALIBUR #23 by Chris Claremont and Jeremy Haun on sale now. Cheerio!



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