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New York, NY – (April 28, 2005) – Marvel Comics, a division of Marvel Enterprises, Inc., today announced that they have joined the America Supports You program, a Department of Defense campaign to showcase and communicate America's support to the men and women of the U.S. armed forces. As the centerpiece of the partnership, Marvel has created a custom comic book featuring beloved and well-known super heroes in the Marvel Universe including Captain America and the Fantastic Four in a military themed storyline. More than one million copies of Marvel's "Salute Our Troops" comic book will be distributed this May to the troops and their families in the U.S. and in forward-deployed locations through the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, one of today's top comic talents ("Ultimate Spider-Man," "The New Avengers"), the action-packed comic features Marvel's New Avengers team headed by Captain America, along with the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, in an exciting military themed storyline. The project came in response to the huge demand Marvel has been receiving from U.S. servicemembers overseas for comic books.

In addition to the custom comic, at the end of May, one month of Marvel's comic book titles – four million books – will include the America Supports You logo on the cover.

"Marvel is delighted to create this very special comic book for the courageous men and women of our armed forces around the world," said Alan Fine, President and CEO of Marvel Toys & Publishing. "We couldn't think of a more appropriate audience to enjoy the action and adventure of our super heroes – real people who make the sacrifices everyday to protect the rights and democracy that we all hold dear. We are grateful to the Department of Defense and America Supports You for helping us deliver what we feel is a truly exciting book and we look forward to the start of a long-term relationship."

Allison Barber, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, said, "We are thrilled that Marvel Comics is joining the America Supports You team. We look forward to working together to ensure that the message of America Supports You reaches all our troops and their families. The super heroes in the Marvel Universe are a great way for us to reach the real life heroes and their families with this vital message."
Following the launch of the custom comic at the Pentagon, Marvel characters and Army and Air Force Exchange Service representatives will go to Walter Reede Army Medical Center with the USO of Metropolitan Washington.

About America Supports You
Since the launch of the America Supports You program last November, over 1.4 million Americans, including individual citizens, businesses and organizations, have logged onto the www.AmericaSupportsYou.mil website to register the activities and projects in their communities that show their support for America's armed forces, especially those serving in harm's way. Every person who registers on the site will receive an America Supports You dog tag to wear as a visible sign of support. The America Supports You dog tags feature the program logo on a military style dog tag. On average, 700 people a day are signing up to receive the America Supports You dog tag.
For more information about America Supports You, visit www.asy.mil.
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