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Point One

Sneak Peek: Amazing Spider-Man #654.1

A new Venom debuts

Get your first look Paulo Siqueira's electrifying cover for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654.1! Featuring an all-new Venom, this issue a major turning point for everyone’s favorite webslinger! Who is this new Venom? Is he friend or foe? Find out in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654.1!


Written by DAN SLOTT

Pencils & Cover by PAULO SIQUEIRA

Rated A …$2.99

FOC – 1/17/11, On-Sale – 2/9/11

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Webspidrman member

Personally i liked Eddie Brock as Venom (but not Mac Gargan since i'm glad to have Scorpion back), but i prefer him to be Anti-Venom. I love Anti-Venom. It can't hurt to up the ante in Anti-Venom's cool meter even more, but Eddie Brock is badass no matter what he is. Plus Anti-Venom is kind of a natural character development for Brock. It doesn't make sense for him to go back to being Venom, but it does make sense that he would do battle with the Symbiote.Flash Thompson seems like a natural candidate for the new Venom. I always disliked "symbiote hopping" where the symbiote "takes over" villains giving them more powerful symbiote forms. To me, Venom should be someone who doesn't have powers already. Giving Venom powers to someone like Scorpion is like giving Electro's powers to the Green Goblin. Giving people that already have powers Venom powers makes both them and Venom less unique.To be honest, i can't wait for Flash and Eddie to duke it out, since the Venom symbiote is basically Anti-Venom's archenemy now. I find the idea of having Eddie and the Symbiote as former partners at each other's throats to kickass. Also, i like the new look for Thompson Venom. ^^_^^


its a downgrade from eddie brock venom but its an upgrade from mac gargan so i'm happy


This is the best idea I've heard in awhile, I also agree about the art from the comment from Enslaver.


God, when will marvel understand that venom looks much better without any kind of eyes popping out of the suit....


I'm good with most stuff post brand new day minus a lot of the art which is why I gave up buying this title. But, I do like the Venom saga, I have 99% of Venom issues so I will give it a look. Slott has good ideas at first then it drops and I lose interest. Kinda like Bendis..great idea but when the issue comes out I end up going back to DC. I'm a Pak man myself, and Brubaker and Jeff Parker as well.


i hope its his roommate that just got out of jail


I hope it's not another villan whose going for a new set of clothing.Mac Gargan was cool as Venom (actually indulging in the Symbiote's cravings and eating people and pets) but I don't want to wind up losing another classic villain like say the Rhino