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Chaos War

Preview: Chaos War #4

It's the end of all things!

Written by: Fred Van Lente

Penciled by: Khoi Pham

Cover by: Dan Panosian


It’s the end of ALL things! The Marvel Universe's shattered pantheons fall from the skies! King Chaos marshals his forces for the final assault with every Marvel hero as his target! Hercules, Thor and the God Squad embark upon one last, mad scheme to save existence itself, but what terrible conflicts wrack the heroes and gods of Earth when Hercules learns the true price of their deliverance? Bonus: Hell comes to Hawaii!  (Yes, Hawaii.)


32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


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      I have to agree with bevedale. The new site is useless. Links don't work, there's absolutely nothing to read, it's hard to find previews, and who cares what comics I've read or own??? Plus, the ones I would mark as must reads aren't even available to mark as such. Who would have ever thought that the DC site would be better? Maybe not as much multimedia but at least I can find out what's going on in their comics.


      buena saga en espera del siguiente numero


      One preview? Really, Marvel?? Ever since the new website you guys have really been skimping on the Friday previews. Oh, and the new picture viewing panel blows, btw.