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Chaos War

Unlimited Highlights: Ares

The God of War takes on all comers

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

Today we shine the spotlight on the frequent foe of Hercules, occasional Avenger, and 24/7 god of war, Ares!  He returned to the land of the living this week in CHAOS WAR: ARES #1 and we’re setting you up with some of his greatest adventures in the Marvel Universe.  Whether he’s fighting with his half-brother, the Avengers, or against the forces of evil, this Olympian knows how to wage war! 

THOR #129

Hercules has made a terrible mistake. Tricked by his Uncle Pluto into taking over his duties as king of the underworld, the Lion of Olympus seeks an audience with Zeus to free himself of this horrible burden. However, the Sky Father can do nothing for his son and only a warrior willing to challenge Pluto in combat will loose the chains binding Herc to his agreement. Will Ares answer the call or does a certain Thunder God wait in the wings?


Ares, Greek god of war and one of the Earth’s most dangerous destroyers, wields the terrible might of the Black Knight’s Ebony Blade. With the sword’s otherworldly powers at his disposal, Ares makes a direct assault on Olympus. Aided by villainous vixen the Enchantress and the terrible monsters of the Greek pantheon, the War God means to take over Earth and Asgard next! The Avengers assemble to put a stop to the mad god’s war mongering, but with so much power at their foe’s command, can even the mighty Thor and Hercules, the Prince of Power, turn the tide against Ares’ onslaught?


Shunned by his fellow Olympians, Ares decides to try his hand at a quiet, contemplative mortal life. He even takes up construction work and raises a son, Alex. Has Ares really turned over a new leaf? Has he forsaken the path of the destructor? Can a tiger change its stripes? We may never know, as Hermes appears with news of Odin’s fall and the gods of Olympus request Ares’ immediate aid, wary that the All Father’s death will signal weakness among the pantheons. His family needs him, but will Ares return to the gods that spurned him for so long? And what will happen to his son if he doesn’t?


If you could choose from the best of the best, which heroes would you put on a new Avengers team? Iron Man and Ms. Marvel face that very problem. A team needs balance; it needs a powerhouse and a heart; it needs a brain, an x-factor, and someone willing to do what the others won’t. Tony and Carol want a Thor and a Wolverine in one, so they get Ares. Super strong, super stubborn, and a true warrior born, Ares brings godly experience and power to the Mighty Avengers and means to prove himself to his Earthbound allies. But how long will he play nice?


Every soldier needs to be trained in the art of combat—in the art of war. Norman Osborn wants to turn his H.A.M.M.E.R. troops into an unstoppable force, an army willing to jump at his beck and call. Who better to train them than Ares himself? The God of War selects an unlucky contingent to be his Shades; he will teach them all he knows about how to fight, how to shoot, how to kill, how to wage war. The real question: will any of them survive basic training?

CHAOS WAR: ARES #1 is currently on sale

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