Iron Man: Sins of the Father

Meet Tony Stark's son!



By Ben Morse

Can we possibly get you more excited for INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #500?

To get you all amped for the giant-size anniversary issue coming your way January 19, so far this week we’ve revealed the return of The Mandarin, teased the death of Tony Stark, showcased the amazing artists and debuted a dynamite video trailer.

Now it’s time to meet Howard Stark.

“The year is 2052, the Mandarin is emperor of the Earth, and the main instruments of his tyranny are armored, flying kill-squads of trigger-happy mass murderers called the Raiders,” shares INVINCIBLE IRON MAN Editor Alejandro Arbona. “The deadliest squad of Raiders is led by a brutal thug codenamed War Machine—aka Howard Stark, Tony’s 41-year-old son.”

In these preview pages by Nathan Fox, Javier Rodriguez and Kano, we get a glimpse at exactly what this deadly new War Machine’s all about, but Arbona promises we haven’t even scratched the surface:

“Howard is the greatest cipher of all the characters at the story’s start; why is he serving the Mandarin, where did his life go so wrong? He murders his innocent victims in cold blood without flinching. He’s obviously undergone really destructive surgical procedures to wear that suit, his body’s totally destroyed, and he’s in a lot of pain at all times. And because of all those issues, he ends up being, in my opinion, the most surprising and most interesting character by the story’s end. His mission during the course of this book is to liquidate once and for all a cell of Black Widows, the rebels that have been such a thorn in Mandarin’s side, and his primary goal in order to achieve that mission is to assassinate the Black Widows’ genius weapons inventor, Ginny Stark, age 22—Howard’s own daughter.”

Come back next week for yet one more reason to read INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #500!

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