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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: X-Men/Spider-Man

Refresh before the mighty mutants and Wallcrawler team again in 2011

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

With X-MEN #7 slated to hit store shelves in January featuring a team-up of everyone’s favorite wall crawling webslinger and the ever exciting X-Men, we thought we’d help you brush up on their past super powered soirees. Also, keep your eyes out for the SPIDER-MAN AND X-MEN DIGITAL SPECTACULAR #1, coming soon to the Marvel App and featuring even more dynamic team-ups starring two of Marvel’s most popular properties!

Uncanny X-Men #35 cover


Before being captured by the mysterious team known only as Factor 3, Banshee sends one desperate message to the X-Men: Beware the spider!  Unfortunately for Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, he happens to be taking a little vacation in Westchester when the merry band of mutants receives their sonorous ally’s communiqué.  When the agile arachnid hero dons his super hero skivvies, the X-Men attack, thinking him the danger Banshee warned them of.  Does Spider-Man have ties to Factor 3?  Will he survive the X-Men’s onslaught long enough to figure out what’s going on?

Uncanny X-Men #123 cover


Arcade, evil genius and operator of the high-tech assassination playground Murderworld, wants to make the X-Men his next victims.  The psychotic game-player’s henchmen prowl New York, capturing members of the genetically gifted group until each uncanny X-Man resides in his deadly arena. Spider-Man learns Arcade’s plan and tries to contact the Xavier Institute to warn them, but little does he suspect he’s already next on the assassin’s hit list!

Secret Wars #3 cover


Whisked away to Battleworld by celestial forces beyond their comprehension, Earth’s most powerful heroes and villains must engage each other in all-out war for the Beyonder’s prize: anything they can imagine. When the good guys need to act as a team most, the X-Men separate and form their own band of mischievous misfits. Always in the wrong place at the right time, Spider-Man overhears the group’s battle plan. Will he be able to intervene before the X-Men dash off or will Wolverine make it so he can never talk again?

Ultimate Spider-Man #44 cover


Saved from ending up as a pancake after a very long fall, Peter Parker wakes up in the X-Mansion very much alive but also very unmasked much to his dismay.  There he learns the origin of the guy he tussled with earlier, a Latverian mutant named Geldoff. Professor Xavier intends to use the young man as a poster child for mutant rights and put a stop to unethical experimentation, But what if Geldoff just wants to live a normal life?  Maybe more important, what’s going to happen to Peter when he gets home now that Aunt May knows he skipped school?

X-Men/Spider-Man #2 cover


Kraven, one of Spider-Man’s most dogged dangerous foes, recently decided to end his own life. While going through the deceased’s personal belongings, Spidey discovers some very intriguing documents on the original X-Men and a man called Sinister. With the webhead in tow, the X-Men head to the sewers to discover what devilish experiments their enemy has unleashed. But in the tunnels beneath New York City, the uncanny team-up runs into the Marauders, and what starts as a little recon becomes an epic battle for survival!

Check out our SPIDER-MAN AND X-MEN DIGITAL SPECTACULAR #1 on the Marvel Comics App coming soon! And make sure to get your copy of X-MEN #7 this January to get the start of the newest action-packed Spider-Man and X-Men team-up!

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