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Marvel Previews for January 2008

We may be peeking ahead into January, but things are definitely starting to heat up in the Marvel Universe! The ensuing year promises to be a mad one as heroes start anew, revelations rock the status quo and conspiracies continue to build! Rest assured, we've brought you the lowdown of some key issues, but be sure to check out Marvel's online catalog for the full briefing! Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness join forces once again to redefine the Hulk in a new ongoing series that starts with THE HULK #1! And no, your eyes don't deceive you! The Green Goliath done gone red! How? Why? Find out in January! For another soon-to-be-classic debut, pick up THE TWELVE #1 by J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston and find out what happens when a dozen legendary World War II-era heroes are thrust into the modern Marvel Universe! Captain America with a gun?! The wait is finally over as the identity of the new Captain America is revealed in CAPTAIN AMERICA #34! Wielding a gun in one hand and the classic shield in the other, this edgy Cap looks to take the series in a bold new direction. So stop drooling over those Alex Ross sketches and discover what all the hype is about! But what about Spider-Man? The thrice-monthly Spidey insanity continues with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #549-#551! With new villains and a Spidery lawsuit, you'd be crazy to miss the second month of "Brand New Day." Following the events of NEW AVENGERS #37, the Hood and his posse of super-criminals decide to throw a housewarming party for the Avengers in NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #2. Erupting into a battle of epic proportions, this clash promises to have profound consequences for the team. If that's not enough, this issue will resolve some lingering "Civil War," "World War Hulk," and Avenger business while setting the stage for a certain "Secret Invasion"! Craving more Avengers? Check out MIGHTY AVENGERS #8 to see the deal with a city overrun by symbiotes! Hankering for a battle between two powerhouses of the Ultimate Universe, Iron Man and Hulk? ULTIMATE HUMAN #1 has you covered! Brought to you by writer Warren Ellis and artist Cary Nord, this issue is the first of a four-issue mini-series. The Ultimate universe rages on with ULTIMATES 3 #2! Joe Madureira, penciling a battle between the Ultimates and the Brotherhood?! 'Nuff said! Where are the Young Avengers? Find out come January with the release of YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS #1. This mini-series shakes things up by featuring a new creative team each month! Eisner Award winning writer Ed Brubaker and rising star artist Paco Medina head up the first issue, which features the return of Patriot as he copes with the loss of Steve Rogers and searches for Winter Soldier. What are Marvel's Merry Mutants up to at the onset of 2008? Catch UNCANNY X-MEN #494, X-FACTOR #27, NEW X-MEN #46 and X-MEN #207 for the stunning conclusion of "Messiah CompleX"! The X-teams will never be the same! Still not enough for ya? Head over to the January catalog to get the scoop on all your favorites.
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