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Archrivals: Onslaught vs The Marvel Universe

Before he's unleashed this February, look back at this malevolent menace's most crucial conflicts

By Jim Beard

Want a Marvel villain who can take on anybody and everybody? Look no further than Onslaught, one of the most terrifying challenges the heroes of the Marvel Universe ever faced. In fact, Onslaught’s on its way back to once again square off against the forces of good in the upcoming ONSLAUGHT UNLEASHED, a new limited series by writer Seam McKeever and artist Filipe Andrade beginning this February.

Made whole by the combined consciousness of Professor X and Magneto, the psychic entity known as Onslaught originally set out to grant mutants the rule of the entire world, but its parameters changed after a vision of a possible future and it decided everyone needed to be destroyed, humans and mutants alike!

Spinning out of the recent YOUNG ALLIES series, ONSLAUGHT UNLEASHED spotlights Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, and believe us when we say that there’s a lot of old grudges between the heroes and this vilest of villains. Just take a look!

X-MEN #53 (1996) – Onslaught first shows its horrific face when he brings Jean Grey to the Astral Plane against her will. There, he attempts to beleaguer her with visions of humankind’s worst traits but Jean’s will blocks the attempt. Finally, Onslaught takes her on a trip through Charles Xavier’s mind to spotlight his own hypocrisy but again, Jean stands strong. Even though Xavier’s revealed to be less sterling than she believed, she resisted Onslaught’s invitation to join with it in a mission to create a new world. For that, it carves its name on her forehead.

ONSLAUGHT: X-MEN – Appearing as if Xavier had gone mad, Onslaught took on the mutant students of the professor’s school and beat them handily. The X-Men arrived to confront the menace but found that once they believed it dead, Onslaught rose again and made its escape. The die now cast, the X-Men met a new day with the realization that Charles Xavier may have to be killed by their hand to save everyone. Onslaught itself turned then to Franklin Richards and set about bringing the child under its power.

INCREDIBLE HULK #445 – With the other heroes hunting Onslaught, the Hulk attempted to make siege on the entity’s castle with his own small band of soldiers. Once there, the green behemoth found himself battered by a powerful mental attack by his foe, but fought through it and smashed Onslaught to bits. Happy over his victory, the Hulk turned back to brag to his fellows but soon discovered the entire scenario to be false—the psychic entity had only planted visions in Hulk’s mind.

ONSLAUGHT: MARVEL UNIVERSE – With all of Earth’s heroes banded together— the X-Men, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Namor, the Hulk, Doctor Doom and more— Central Park in New York became a shattered battlefield. The Hulk broke through Onslaught’s terrifying armor but in doing so unleashed the entity’s full, hateful force. Many of the heroes seemingly sacrificed their lives to contain the energies and keep them from destroying the entire planet. Only the X-Men and Franklin Richards walked away with their lives intact that day…

ONSLAUGHT REBORN #4 – Reformed anew after the Scarlet Witch’s “no more mutants” proclamation, Onslaught once again waged war on Earth’s heroes. With Thor seemingly dead and Iron Man and Captain America utterly defeated, the entity felt assured in its victory. Loki, evil half-brother of Thor, wanted revenge for his sibling and looked upon young Franklin Richards as the instrument for the act to succeed. A revived Thor and the Fantastic Four flew in to halt Loki’s scheme, but Franklin’s father Mister Fantastic agreed that for Onslaught to be defeated…his son must die!

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Seriously? Onslaught? Again? Can't we just explain that thing away?And would someone please clean up that ad spam crap on all the threads?!What's the point of a forum where you can't read - or even find! - anyone's comments?


I just hope the X-Men, gets a bigger role in this story!

cormacru999 member

it really bothers me that the only comments to read here are ads from companies. lame.


I agree with Debonaire, glad Onslaught isnt over-used, cant wait to read the new story arc.


Thanos can crush Onslaught as well as Galactus!!!!


I'm thankful Onslaught does not show up more often in the Marvel Universe. I like this villian alot, surely one of the more memorable ones from when I was growing up in the 90's. Overplaying him would definitely remove some of the awestruckness that he exumes. Please keep him in similar taste with Galactus, Thanos and such; once a decade for Onslaught appearances has my vote.