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Age of X

The Age of X Avengers

Earth's Mightiest Heroes in a very different role

We’ve established pretty conclusively how drastically the Age of X differs from the Marvel Universe in recent weeks, but perhaps no prominent unit has been altered more by the X-Men absence than Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, as glimpsed by readers of select Marvel comics last week.

“The distorting effect of the ‘war on mutants’ ultimately touched everyone, and changed destinies which might have seemed far removed from that conflict,” explains Age of X architect Mike Carey.  “In almost all their incarnations, the Avengers have operated with some degree of public sanction and approval; in the Age of X, the price of that approval was the enforcement of anti-mutant laws. 

“Not all heroes were prepared to become the public face of such divisive policies: those who did had their own reasons, and their own demons to face.  Even so, what would ultimately be asked of them went beyond anything they'd imagined.”

You can take a peek at this historical log for yourself by downloading a QR Reader to your Smartphone and using the code to the left for exclusive access.

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