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Best of 2010

Top Villains of 2010

The bad guys who best tested the mettle of our heroes over the past year

By Ben Morse

We may have entered the Heroic Age in the Marvel Universe, but that doesn’t mean villainy has ground to a halt.

Indeed, Marvel’s greatest champions from Spider-Man to Thor, the Avengers to the X-Men, will always be defined by the caliber of evil they face and overcome. 2010 saw the final acts of a Dark Reign, but even when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes reasserted themselves, the bad guys simply assumed a lower profile and went right back to work.

After all, they’ve been up to no good since long before one of their own called the shots and they’re not afraid to get down and dirty all over again.

Marvel.com received the following list from our own Secret Cabal acknowledging the most wicked and ruthless rulebreakers of 2010.


10. LOKI

2010 Opponents: Thor, The Avengers, Asgardians, The Sentry

Year in Review: Though he had a last minute attack of conscience and sacrificed his life in an attempt to save Asgard from the out-of-control Sentry, Loki caused the conundrum in the first place by manipulating Norman Osborn into attacking the Golden Realm. It may have simply been his nature, but it’s hard to forgive the heinous actions of Thor’s half-brother, no matter how he went out.

Digital Comics Spotlight: MIGHTY AVENGERS #34

More info available here



2010 Opponents: X-Force, The X-Men

Year in Review: Attempting to rule the world may be one thing, but desecrating the dead to do so crosses all sorts of lines. The Black Queen raised an army of deceased mutants to do her bidding and terrorized the X-Men in the process; ultimately Warpath and X-Force had to pull out all the stops in order to bring this would-be goddess down.

Digital Comics Spotlight: X NECROSHA #1

More info available here

Baron Zemo


2010 Opponents: Captain America (Bucky Barnes)

Year in Review: Since forming the Thunderbolts some time ago, Helmut Zemo has waffled between good and evil more than once, but recently he demonstrated that revenge trumps any moral ambiguity upon learning Bucky Barnes lived and had become the new Captain America. Zemo set about discrediting the man he believed his father had dispatched years before, publicly exposing Bucky’s past as The Winter Soldier and perhaps robbing of any shot at redemption.


More info available here

The Hood


2010 Opponents: The Avengers

Year in Review: After rising as far as he could from anonymous lowlife to kingpin of super villains to Norman Osborn’s right hand man, Parker Robbins fell from grace right alongside his boss, going down hard after Siege fell apart and taking a beating at the hands of the Avengers he had so thoroughly tormented. However, you can’t keep a bad man down, and The Hood has gotten right back in the game, trading in his lost Norn Stones for the all-powerful Infinity Gems to go alongside his matchless ambition and bad attitude.

Digital Comics Spotlight: NEW AVENGERS #62

More info available here

The Chaos King


2010 Opponents: Hercules, The God Squad

Year in Review: Though he sat back and waited until late in the year to make his presence felt, The Chaos King made a huge last minute impact, enslaving entire pantheons of gods and driving most of Earth’s population—including the majority of its heroes—into a death-like state of sleep. Thus far nobody, including the likes of Nightmare, Athena and even Galactus, has proven capable of halting the Japanese fear deity as he marches towards his goal of wiping out all reality.

Digital Comics Spotlight: INCREDIBLE HERCULES #120

The Intelligencia


Roster: The Leader, The Mad Thinker, The Red Ghost, The Wizard, M.O.D.O.K.

2010 Opponents: The Hulk, Red Hulk, Skaar, She-Hulk

Year in Review: Proving the whole of their vast intelligence to be greater than the sum of its parts, The Leader, M.O.D.O.K. and their allies reached big and nearly accomplished their goals, turning an army of super heroes into Hulks, attacking Washington D.C., and perhaps permanently crippling the brilliant brain of their estranged member, Doctor Doom. Only wild cards like the Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk and unexpected sacrifice of Doc Samson undid the Intelligencia, though their schemes continue to play out today, much to all Hulks’ chagrin.

Digital Comics Spotlight: FALL OF THE HULKS ALPHA #1

The Kraven Family


2010 Opponents: Spider-Man, The Black Cat

Year in Review: Sasha Kravinoff, matriarch of the Kraven clan, carefully unspooled a layered and torturous plan to make Spider-Man’s life hell with little regard for casualties along the way, be it Rhino’s wife, Lizard’s humanity or whatever else it took to get the Wallcrawler right where she wanted him. With the help of daughter Ana and son Alyosha, Sasha sacrificed Mattie Franklin, Madame Web and Kaine to resurrect her husband, Kraven The Hunter. Though Spider-Man and the new Spider-Girl were able to turn back the Kraven Family and the Hunter himself turned on his treacherous mate, the landscape has changed for the Webslinger and all associated with him.

Digital Comics Spotlight: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #565

More info available here

Doctor Doom


2010 Opponents: The Cabal, The Black Panther, The Fantastic Four

Year in Review: After spending what he deemed too much time working alongside his perceived inferiors, Victor Von Doom violently cut ties with his Cabal brethren and refocused his energies in his own self-gain. Doom accomplished the unthinkable, conquering Wakanda for the first time in the nation’s proud history, and alienating both Black Panthers from their homeland in the process. The ruler of Latveria stopped at nothing to expand his grasp, even turning every citizen of Wakanda into weapons against their will. T’Challa and his team of allies managed—barely—to take his kingdom back from Doom, but at the cost of rendering all the world’s Vibranium inert. Win or lose, Doom once again changed the game forever.

Digital Comics Spotlight: DOOMWAR #1

More info available here



2010 Opponents: The X-Men, Hope Summers

Year in Review: The mechanical menace known as Bastion sought not revenge on an opponent or even to gain influence over a populace; rather he would stop at nothing short of genocide, and came closer than ever with his most recent campaign. With his army of mutant-hating Purifiers at his back, the advanced Sentinel laid waste to the mutant haven of Utopia, hoping to capture and kill the child “messiah” Hope Summers. While Bastion did not accomplish his ultimate goal, he did slay beloved X-Men mainstay Nightcrawler and force team leader Cyclops’ son, Cable, to sacrifice his own life that Hope might survive, not to mention inflicting traumatic injuries on Hellion, Karma and more. Though Hope herself managed to put an end to Bastion, his legacy of senseless hate lives on, and perhaps the machine will rise again.

Digital Comics Spotlight: X-MEN: SECOND COMING #1

More info available here

Norman Osborn


2010 Opponents: The Avengers, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Steve Rogers

Year in Review: Many men and women of sinister ambition have dreamed of conquering the Marvel Universe, but of them all, none came closer than Norman Osborn. For months, the former Green Goblin ran roughshod on our heroes as his Dark Reign engulfed the world and allowed him to exile and punisher his former enemies all the while posing as a hero. Osborn’s unquenchable thirst for power ultimately undid him, but in the process destroyed the fabled city of Asgard and cost many lives, including those of Ares and The Sentry. Even now, as he rots away in a top secret holding cell, Osborn’s pervasive influence continues to inspire others to do evil deeds in his name.

Digital Comics Spotlight: SIEGE: DIGITAL PROLOGUE #1

More info available here

Keep checking back for more of the Best of 2010 here on Marvel.com!

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As an evil robotic killer with huge resources, Bastion was a permanently widespread, lethal threat. I hope he stays dead. I thought he was horrible.He really creeped me out, the way he meticulously plotted, by secretly controlling many anti-mutant forces in many places at the same time. It was freakish how he used revived protagonists, like the Lepper Queen, as puppets to lead his armies against the X-Men.Not even the Avengers and the Fantastic Four could break open his impenetrable dome over Utopia.I thought it was a little ridiculous to expect the X-Men could survive an attack by so many Nimrod Sentinels, but believable that Bastion could summon them. He proved he was capable of easily wiping out what was left of the mutant race, for good.


how did loki not make top 5?! He played Dr. Doom & King Baldar in the Latveria/Asgard conflict, Osborn in The Siege, and the hood Who sumhow didn't even make the list. RELLY? The Kraven Family You killed that corny character 25 years ago for a reason, I remeber...


Snakeroot and the Hand took out Daredevil. That should get into the top ten


An honorable mention should go to Crossfire. Jim McCann did a great job in the pages of Hawkeye & Mockingbird of bringing William Cross back into the spotlight.


Nice list! It was great to see Dr. Doom (arguably the big bad of the entire marvel universe) get his highest rank yet, and some other great villains like Green Goblin, Loki, Leader,and Zemo get a spot too. Chaos King is shaping up to be a pretty huge villain...


dude loki got owned! last year he was top villan! now hes crapier than the hood (the guy how no longer has his kickass cloak. lame! )


and yet agian the cosmic corner gets no love in the top tens. Why are all of these characters that whent to Earth to fight their end battle? surely lord mar-vell or magus did more damage than the kraven familly


How could it not be Norman Osborn. The whole year was about him. Perhaps you'll remember a little thing called Dark Reign.


norman osbron no.1 thats bull crap how he get no.1