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The Watcher

Watch Episode 6 of the Watcher

Host Grace Randolph runs down the top 10 Marvel villains of 2010 and more, for January 14, 2011.

In episode six of Marvel's The Watcher, host Grace Randolph runs down our official list of the top 10 villains of 2010!  Find out who made the cut! Plus, a new Graphic Debate and Tricerastack!


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loneman1 member

Jean Grey is in the White Room. It is like limbo or Hel. Hel being the place where Thor goes when he dies. The White Room is like a place where Jean Grey soul is being heald. The Endsong never said she was actually alive, only that she was in the White Room. Her powers as the Phoenix allow her to come back from the dead but from what was suggested in Endsong, she is dead and just waiting for the right time to come back.


B R I N G B A C K A D A M W A R L O C K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


personally i would prefer icarus come back from the dead


And yeah, I can't see the episode either...


Jean Grey's not dead! Am I the only one who's read X-Men Phoenix Endsong? Help bring the X-Men back to television! Join: facebook.com/savexmen


I don't see the video!!!!!