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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Tigra

The new Mom and Avengers Academy instructor takes time out for her own mental health

By Tim Stevens

Greer Nelson presents as a fur covered female of above average physical fitness. Genetically, she is human with her feline attributes being the result of a spiritual merger with an ancient “Cat Person.” She reports only physical benefits to this merger including heightened senses and increased strength and reflexes. Although she can switch between her purely human form and her humanoid cat presentation, she prefers to live the majority of her life in the latter. In this guise, she serves as the costumed hero Tigra, currently being part of the faculty at the so-called “Avengers Academy” where young heroes are trained to be better prepared to fight crime while causing minimal collateral damage.

Greer recently gave birth to a child who presents with the same feline features she herself has. While the baby boy was the result of a union with an alien Skrull—who she believed to be Hank Pym—it appears at this time that the boy is still genetically human. According to the client, this is the main issue she wishes to explore in therapy. While she is growing to accept her role as a new mother, she continues to experience ambivalence about it. This is especially amplified in her dealing with the real Hank Pym whom she claims she does not want to have a role in raising “their” child unless something happens to her at which time she would like him to step in as the child’s guardian. She also continues to struggle with her feelings of being duped by the Skrull and the baby represents a reminder of that.

The client, additionally, admits to having lasting effects from her traumatic beating at the hands of the villain The Hood in her own apartment. Although she has taken steps, as she puts it, to “take control” of the situation, she admits that she still has some reactions that, while not raising to the level of flashbacks, do seem to put to some re-experiencing of the trauma.

In session, the client presents as being a bit closed off. She answers questions thoughtfully and does not appear deceptive, but there are moments of discomfort. Upon further questioning at these times, she sometimes answers and at others will admit she is either not ready to discuss the issue further or has not yet figured out how she feels about it. Again, this is especially present while discussing her son and her relationship with Hank Pym.

At this time, the treatment plan is focused on the development of the therapeutic relationship with an emphasis the client coming to trust this writer and being open with her expression of emotions. As the relationship develops, the writer is planning to begin to work with the client on radical acceptance of events in her life and her emotions regarding them with an eye towards the integration of her disparate feelings and approval of herself as complex person who is entitled to her emotions and her choices without judging them as mistakes. 

Greer Nelson’s next appointment is scheduled with Doctors Christos Gage and Mike McKone on February 2. Details of the session will be available for review that day in file AVENGERS ACADEMY #9.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Practicum Trainee at a Federal Correctional Institute and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant who has experience working with individuals processing contrary emotions and traumatic experiences.

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Probably better not get together with Pym what with the new Avengers movie coming out next year. Which means it's only a matter of months before the Wasp comes back from the dead so she can be used in marketing material.