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Marvel Previews For December 2007

Fall is quickly creeping upon us, but it's the impending chill of December that has us all aflutter. With all the awesome comics coming out at the tail-end of 2007, the only thing we're bummed about is having to wait two months to read 'em! Check out Marvel's online catalog and take it all in, true believer! - What's probably the most can't-miss title of December 2007? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! And you're getting it three times a month as "Brand New Day" launches into the stratosphere! Brace yourself for three issues of Dan Slott/Steve McNiven awesomeness as Spidey deals with the aftermath of "One More Day" and marches boldly forward! - Pick from a tri-fecta of Marvel Illustrated books this month: PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY #2, THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK #6 and the brand new ILIAD #1! - ULTIMATES 3! You've been waiting, begging and pleading and the time has come. Jeph Loeb, Joe Madureira and Chris Lichtner team up to toss the Ultimate Universe on its ear! And with two covers, it won't matter if you pick heroes or villains! Either way, you win! - Oh but the Ultimate goodness doesn't end there. ULTIMATE IRON MAN II kicks off, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN's "Death of a Goblin" storyarc comes to a close and all kinds of crazy run through the ULTIMATE FF and X-MEN titles. - Brace yourself for more World War Hulk fallout! The big green event leaves many questions and INCREDIBLE HULK #113 and WORLD WAR HULK: WARBOUND may just answer a few of them. But how many will they stir up themselves? - Even before the first issue hits shelves, fans are going bonkers for Jonathan Lethem's reinvention of OMEGA THE UNKNOWN! And the third issue, hitting in December definitely keeps up the pace and amps up the off-beat, super cool action that Lethem and artist Farel Dalrymple have in store. - Are you ready for four issues of "X-Men: Messiah CompleX" crossover action? We don't think you are. But you will be, come December. Hopefully by then, you'll also be prepped for "CompleX" issues of MARVEL SPOTLIGHT and MUTANT FILES, two info-packed one-shots. - And still, there's more mutant madness! Three Wolverine books: the solo book, ORIGINS and and a one-shot entitled FIREBREAK! Plus a little book called ASTONISHING X-MEN and the brand new WHAT IF? X-MEN: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI'AR EMPIRE. - Speaking of WHAT IF, feast your eyes on the cover of WHAT IF? CIVIL WAR. Seriously. If that doesn't sell you on it, we don't know what will. Okay, how about if we told you it featured crazy new stories by Ed Brubaker, Marko Djurdjevic, Christos Gage, Kevin Grevioux and more? Done! - And the rest? Well, there's more zombie action in MARVEL ZOMBIES 2 #3, the Avengers vs. the Hood and his crew in NEW AVENGERS #37, an ending and a beginning in THOR #6 and much more. Oh but it doesn't end there. Check out the entire December Catalog now to see what else your favorite creators and characters are up to!
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